BioStructures.jl - A julia package to read, write and manipulate macromolecular structures

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BioStructures provides functionality to read, write and manipulate macromolecular structures, in particular proteins. Protein Data Bank (PDB) and mmCIF format files can be read in to a hierarchical data structure. Basic spatial calculations and functions to access the PDB are also provided. If you are interested in the cutting edge of the development, please check out the master branch to try new features before release.



Related Projects


  •    C++

ESBTL (Easy Structural Biology Template Library) is a lightweight C++ library that allows the handling of PDB data and provides a data structure suitable for geometric analysis and advanced constructions.

Protein Insight

  •    CSharp

The Protein Insight is a molecule visualization tool. It's fastest and easiest tool you have used and developed in native C++, C++/CLI, C#.

CLCB - Common Lisp Computational Biology


The Common Lisp Computational Biology (CLCB) package is intended to be a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use library for bioinformatics and computational biology.

BOW - Bioinformatics On Windows


A group of tools run on Windows for Bioinformatics. Include ported tools from Linux (e.g. BWA, SAMTOOLS), and later original Windows applications.

jbrowse - A modern genome browser built with JavaScript and HTML5.

  •    Javascript

To install jbrowse, most users should visit and download a zip file such as See instructions at for a tutorial on setting up a sample instance. Once you have an instance up and running, is the comprehensive reference guide to JBrowse configuration.


  •    Python

Biskit is a python library for structural bioinformatics research. It simplifies the analysis of macromolecular structures, protein complexes, and molecular dynamics trajectories and offers a platform for the rapid integration of external programs.

PSIsoft - The PSIMAP Software Project

  •    Java

PSIMAP is the Protein Structural Interactome MAP, a map of all the domain level protein-protein interactions in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). PSIsoft is an archive of the software used to generate and analyse PSIMAP.


  •    PHP

HalX is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). It is meant to be able to keep track of all the experimental details of any type of biochemical, molecular biology or structural biology experiment (but not all are available now...)

Java Evolutionary Biology Library

  •    Java

A Java library for evolutionary biology and bioinformatics, including objects representing biomolecular sequences, multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees.

Bio4j - Bioinformatics Graph based DB

  •    Java

Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB including most data available in Uniprot KB (SwissProt + Trembl), Gene Ontology (GO), UniRef (50,90,100), RefSeq, NCBI Taxonomy, and Expasy Enzyme DB. Bio4j provides a completely new and powerful framework for protein related information querying and management. Since it relies on a high-performance graph engine, data is stored in a way that semantically represents its own structure.

.NET Bio

  •    DotNet

.Net Bio is a language-neutral bioinformatics toolkit built using the Microsoft 4.5 .NET Framework to help developers, researchers, and scientists.


  •    DotNet

BioSharp is a pure and test-driven .NET library for use in bioinformatics and related fields.

bionode - Modular and universal bioinformatics

  •    Javascript

To use bionode as a command line tool, you can install it globally with -g. Or, if you want to use it as a JavaScript library, you need to install it in your local project folder inside the node_modules directory by doing the same command without -g.

Toxtree: Toxic Hazard Estimation

  •    Java

Toxicity prediction for chemical compounds

SLRI Bioinformatics Toolkit


This project is obsolete/orphaned. The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) Bioinformatics Toolkit is a mainly C-based cross-platform toolkit for dealing with biological information, especially protein structure/function. Based on the NCBI Toolkit

LISA - LabInfoSystem

  •    PHP

Biological research groups need to store and analyze large amounts of diverse data. LISA (LabInfoSystem:) stores this information in an easily accessible customizable web-based database. LISA requires PHP4 and MySQL. Keywords: Structural Biology, Genomics

Biomolecule Toolkit

  •    C++

The Biomolecule Toolkit is a library for modeling biological macromolecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA. It provides a C++ interface for common tasks in structural biology to facilitate the development of molecular modeling, design and analysis tools.

CSB Toolbox


Python library for computational structural biology.


  •    Ruby

The TIMTAM (Target Information Management Tracking And More) system implements a secure knowledgebase supporting the management, tracking, and analysis of experimental data associated with structural biology projects.


  •    C

SBEVSL is a collaborative project between Dowling and RIT on the development of a Structural Biology Extensible Visualization Scripting Language, so that users can move freely among various molecular graphics tools, such as rasmol, pymol, raster3d, etc.