happycalculator - calculator for natural formula like "1+2+3" for result 6 ,support simple code for calculator,that meas support variables for the calculator

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calculator for natural formula like "1+2+3" for result 6 ,support simple code for calculator,that meas support variables for the calculator



lodash : ^3.10.1



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RPN Fraction Calculator

  •    Java

This is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Fraction Calculator. It works like any other RPN calculator, except that it operates on fractions instead of decimal numbers. Decimal number entries are not permitted. Whole numbers are permitted.

Calx - the RPN-based calculator

  •    C

Calx is a calculator program based on RPN (Reverse-Polish Notation) that allows you to compute complex mathematical expressions containing brackets, mathematical functions etc.

vc: An RPN Vector Calculator in Perl

  •    Perl

An RPN calculator for vectors of arbitrary dimension. Supports multiple undo/redo, programmable macros and variables. Saves/loads stack to/from disk. Lots of built-in scalar, vector, stack functionality.

PG Calculator

  •    C++

PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN mode.

Chemical Calculator

  •    Java

Chemical Calculator that can calculate various aspects of compounds. The programs main features are: * Get information about an element * Calculate the amount of moles of an element * Calculate the Empirical and Molecular formulas of a compound

dentaku - math and logic formula parser and evaluator

  •    Ruby

Dentaku is a parser and evaluator for a mathematical and logical formula language that allows run-time binding of values to variables referenced in the formulas. It is intended to safely evaluate untrusted expressions without opening security holes. For maximum CS geekery, bind is an alias of store.


  •    C++

Reverse Polish Notation interpreter for use as an interactive calculator in conjunction with the standard Python interactive interpreter. Easily extended by the user.

Calcoo - Scientific calculator (java)

  •    Java

Calcoo is a scientific calculator (with both RPN and algebraic modes) designed to provide maximum usability.


  •    C++

kalc is a programmable scientific calculator, using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). Its behaviour imitates a HP48/HP49 calculator. Works with real and complex numbers, unlimited size integers, arbitrary-precision real numbers and more.

HorsePower J2ME RPN Calculator

  •    Java

HorsePower is J2ME scientific calculator optimised for use on mobile phones, with the appearance of the classic range of Hewlett Packard calculators. (MIDP 1.0 amp; CLDC 1.0)

Isotopic Pattern Calculator

  •    C

The ISOTOPIC PATTERN CALCULATOR is a small linux tool for mass spectrometry. It calculates the isotopic distribution for a given chemical formula or peptide sequence. GIPS is a GUI Version of the Isotopic Pattern Calculator.

Pc Calculator

  •    Basic

Pc Calculator is a clever note and formula editor combined with an advanced and strong scientific calculator. Being an editor it is extremely user-friendly allowing all possible typing and other errors to be easily corrected and fast recalculated.

Imported Car to Finland - Tax Calculator (Basic Version )


The basic version of a calculator which calculates the tax amount you have to pay when you import a car from other country (e.g. Germany) to Finland. This version of calculator is very basic and you can only calculate for the car model before 2003. The advanced calculator w...

Date - Maths


Date - Maths is similar to Date Calculation in Windows 7 Calculator. You can use Date - Maths to calculate the difference between two dates or to add or subtract days from a specified date. It has a very attractive UI. Totally 16 Color Themes which you can switch in...


  •    C++

PocketMK is programmable RPN calculator designed to be comfortable for small screens (like PDA) and compatible with a set of Soviet programmable calculators (like MK-61). It have special functions (erf, gamma ...), graphical and indirect address commands


  •    C

galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific calculator supporting algebraic mode as well as RPN. Features include arithmetic precedence handling, mathematical functions, different number bases (DEC, HEX, BIN, OCT) and angle bases (radiant, degree, and grad).


  •    Perl

dci is an RPN scientific calculator for console users. It is an improved /usr/bin/dc, though not 100% compatible. dci is designed for quick handling of arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, and complex values.


  •    Objective-C

Baculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator program with an infinite scrollable stack and support for most common mathematical operations as well as some more esoteric operations. Available for Unix/Gtk+, Mac OS X, and MS Windows.



Scientific desktop calculator using Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).


  •    Delphi

Programmable RPN and Algebric calculator. Written with Kylix3 OpenEdition for Linux. Mathematic - Trigonometric - Calendar - Financial functions. Very easy to use. Italian and English language. More details on my home page: http://mcz.altervista.org

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