getmac - Get the mac address of the current machine you are on via Node.js

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extract-opts : ^3.2.0



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SpoofMAC - :briefcase: Change your MAC address for debugging

  •    Python

I made this because changing your MAC address in Mac OS X is harder than it should be. The biggest annoyance is that the Wi-Fi card (Airport) needs to be manually disassociated from any connected networks in order for the change to be applied correctly. Doing this manually every time is tedious and lame.Note for Windows 10: While it may appear that this script does not work anymore, it does. The reason for this is that the change only appears in the Network Adapter properties in the Control Panel. Commands such as getmac or ipconfig will still show the original MAC address even though it has been changed.

spoof - Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux!

  •    Javascript

Node.js port of the popular SpoofMAC Python utility (GitHub: feross/SpoofMAC).I made this because changing your MAC address in OS X is harder than it should be. The Wi-Fi card needs to be manually disassociated from any connected networks in order for the change to apply correctly – super annoying! Doing this manually each time is tedious and lame.

mac-ages - MAC address age tracking

  •    Ruby

This repository is used to determine an approximate issuance date for IEEE allocated hardware address ranges. The dataset was bootstrapped using a combination of the DeepMAC and Wireshark archives and maintained via daily pulls from the IEEE website. If you would like to use the MAC address age dataset in your application, download regular snapshots of the mac-ages.csv from this repository. This file contains three comma-separated fields; the prefix followed by a forward slash and the mask, the first date this prefix was seen, and the source of this date field. This dataset is updated daily from the IEEE CSV files and new file revisions are checked into the master branch as updates are found.


  •    VBScript

Start Gemaad on a computer and it will : -Create or complete a text file containing the computers MAC address -Set the WIFI card to DHCP mode You can now simply copy this MAC address to your admin console for any case of MAC address filtering

Address Actions

  •    Objective-C

Address Actions manipulates addresses in Mac OS X 10.4 (and hopefully 10.3). Select an address in an email, webpage or other text, then choose Address Actions from the Services menu to add the address to the Mac OS X Address Book or display a map.

MMLanScan - An iOS LAN Network Scanner library

  •    Objective-C

MMLanScan is an open source project for iOS that helps you scan your network and shows the available devices and their MAC Address, hostname and Brand name. iOS 11 is breaking the MAC address retrieval from ARP table so MAC Addresses and Brands won't work on MMLanScan with iOS 11. We still using MacFinder since it's helpful in order to discover online devices that won't reply to pings.

JamWiFi - A GUI, easy to use WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X

  •    Objective-C

JamWiFi allows you to select one or more nearby wireless networks, thereupon presenting a list of clients which are currently active on the network(s). Furthermore, JamWiFi allows you to disconnect clients of your choosing for as long as you wish. Under the hood, JamWiFi uses Apple's CoreWLAN API for channel hopping and network scanning. For a raw packet interface, libpcap provides a good point of abstraction for sending/receiving raw 802.11 frames at the MAC layer. All 802.11 MAC packets include a MAC address source and destination. This allows JamWiFi to determine the stations on a given Access Point.

LinkLiar - :link: Link-Layer MAC spoofing GUI for macOS

  •    Swift

This is an intuitive macOS status menu application written in Swift to help you spoof the MAC addresses of your Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces. It is free as in open-source. Should you like to motivate me, you may click on the ✭ in the top-right corner.

Appify-UI - Create the simplest possible Mac OS X apps

  •    Shell

Create Mac apps. Use HTML5 for the UI. Script it with anything. Can not possibly be simpler. A Mac app is essentially just an executable file in a folder along with a config file. That's all that is required.

Mac Address Changer


It's a quite and easy tool to change your mac address

UIDevice-with-UniqueIdentifier-for-iOS-5 - Brings back the unique identifier support under iOS 5, it uses the device's mac address in combination with the bundle identifier to generate a new hashed unique identifier

  •    Objective-C

Apple stopped supporting a unique identifier for iOS. This source code solves the problem. It generates a unique identifier based on the mac address of the device in combination with the bundle identifier. copy NSString+MD5Addition and UIDevice+IdentifierAddition to your project.

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer)

  •    C

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) is designed to switch datagram based on the incoming network interface. The switch will not check the IP (or MAC) address of those datagram. It will forward the packages to the proper outgoing network interface(s). Thi

Web2Executable - Uses NW.js to generate "native" apps for already existing web apps.

  •    Python

Thank you all for using Web2Exe over the years! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to maintain this anymore (as you've probably noticed). If anyone wants to take over this repo let me know via email. If you use this and want paid support or you want to pay for further development, you can also contact me via email (which is on my Github profile). Web2Executable is a friendly command line and GUI application that can transform your Nodejs (or any other JS/HTML) app into an executable (and libraries) that can run in a contained, desktop-like style. It can export to Mac OS X, Windows and Linux all from one platform, so no need to go out and buy expensive hardware.

Packr - Packages your JAR, assets and a JVM for distribution on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

  •    Java

Packages your JAR, assets and a JVM for distribution on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, adding a native executable file to make it appear like a native app. Packr is most suitable for GUI applications, such as games made with libGDX.

macos-virtualbox-vm - Instructions and script to help you create a VirtualBox VM running macOS.

  •    Shell

Download the installer from Mac App Store (it should be available in the 'Purchases' section if you've acquired it previously). The installer will be placed in your Applications folder. (Should work for Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra - 10.10-10.12.). Make the script executable and run it: chmod +x && ./

node-mac - Node utilities for Mac

  •    Javascript

Please note that the extreme delay in updates has been largely out of my control. That said, I anticipate getting back to all of the node-* projects the first week of May.Follow the author on G+ or Twitter (@goldglovecb).

create-dmg - Create a good-looking DMG for your macOS app in seconds

  •    Javascript

Imagine you have finished a macOS app, exported it from Xcode, and now want to distribute it to users. The most common way of distributing an app outside the Mac App Store is by putting it in a .dmg file. These are hard to create, especially good-looking ones. You can either pay for a GUI app where you have to customize an existing design or you can run some homebrewed Bash script and you still have to design it. This tool does everything for you, so you can play with your 🐈 instead.Discuss it on Product Hunt and Twitter.

lightgallery-desktop - A modern, electron and nodejs based image viewer for Mac, Windows and Linux.

  •    Javascript

A modern, electron and nodejs based image viewer for Mac, Windows and Linux.It will also download Electron runtime, and install dependencies for second package.json file inside app folder.

KonsolScript and Game Engine


Free and Open Game Programming Language for Windows and GNU/Linux