NativeDisplayBrightness - macOS display brightness utility for external monitors with a native UI.

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This a utility application to control monitor brightness with the F1, F2 keys. It utilizes DDC/CI, but this app doesn't have the freezing issues that similar aplications tend to suffer from. This app also shows the native system UI when changing brightness! It uses the private BezelServices framework for this.



Related Projects

BrightnessMenulet - BrightnessMenulet is an Mac OS X app that allows you to control display brightness via DDC/CI protocol

  •    Objective-C

Allows you to control monitor brigthness via menu in status bar. This tool works on OSX 10.8+. If you have tested your monitor(s) with this tool, please let me know wether it worked or not so I can add monitor models here. Preference's Debug button logs to the console VCP codes and their values on the selected monitor.

ddcctl - DDC monitor controls (brightness) for Mac OSX command line

  •    C

Run ddcctl -h for some options. is a script I use to control two PC monitors plugged into my Mac Mini. You can point Alfred, ControlPlane, or Karabiner at it to quickly switch presets.


  •    C

Control your monitor by software using the DDC/CI protocol.

Lunar - Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display

  •    Swift

Note: Lunar changes the actual (physical) brightness and contrast of the monitor. It doesn't use a software overlay. It doesn't interfere at all with the native adaptive brightness that macOS implements for the built-in display.

Server Monitor


Monitor the servers in your network for any downtime or so. You can add as many servers as you want. A friendly GUI to add servers to the configuration.

Bluepill - Simple Process Monitoring Tool in Ruby

  •    Ruby

Bluepill is a simple process monitoring tool written in Ruby. Bluepill organizes processes into 3 levels: application -> group -> process. Each process has a few attributes that tell bluepill how to start, stop, and restart it, where to look or put the pid file, what process conditions to monitor and the options for each of those.

Syscall-Monitor - Syscall Monitor is a system monitor program (like Sysinternal's Process Monitor) using Intel VT-X/EPT for Windows7+

  •    POV-Ray

This is a process monitoring tool (like Sysinternal's Process Monitor) implemented with Intel VT-X/EPT for Windows 7+. 1.Optimize the memory usage issue.

Azure Diagnostics Monitor


Just another tool to monitor the Windows Azure Diagnostics logs. The tool runs on Windows and requires .NET Framework 4.0.

Meerkat Monitor - Network Monitoring Tool

  •    Java

Meerkat-Monitor is a simple yet powerful monitoring tool for applications and services. It’s good for local or cloud environment deployment. Supports monitoring of several services like Databases, Websites, Network Sockets, Webservices and SSH. It’s very dynamic and allows you to take advantage of monitoring through several types of tasks (like executing DB queries or remote commands).

ElasticSearch Paramedic - Simple tool to monitor ElasticSearch Clusters

  •    Javascript

Paramedic is a simple yet sexy tool to monitor and inspect ElasticSearch clusters. It displays real-time statistics and information about your nodes and indices, as well as shard allocation within the cluster.

shinken - monitoring tool compatible with Nagios

  •    Python

Shinken is a monitoring tool compatible with Nagios configuration standard and plugins. It is capable to monitor network services like SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, SNMP, FTP, SSH. It monitors host resources (processor load, disk usage, system logs) on a majority of operating systems. It could monitor any probes (temperature, alarms), if it has capability to send data.

JStreaMon - Java Stream Monitor

  •    Java

JAVA based tool for easy and realtime monitoring (RTM) of data streams or groups of data streams. This tool makes it easy to monitor inherent distributed or multi-threaded applications like e.g. agent systems, financial data, logistics, RFID Systems

trape - People tracker on the Internet: Learn to track the world, to avoid being traced.

  •    CSS

People tracker on the Internet: Learn to track the world, to avoid being traced. Trape is a recognition tool that allows you to track people, the information you can get is very detailed. We want to teach the world through this, as large Internet companies could monitor you, obtaining information beyond your IP.

dagda - a tool to perform static analysis of known vulnerabilities, trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats in docker images/containers and to monitor the docker daemon and running docker containers for detecting anomalous activities

  •    Python

Dagda is a tool to perform static analysis of known vulnerabilities, trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats in docker images/containers and to monitor the docker daemon and running docker containers for detecting anomalous activities. In order to fulfill its mission, first the known vulnerabilities as CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), BIDs (Bugtraq IDs), RHSAs (Red Hat Security Advisories) and RHBAs (Red Hat Bug Advisories), and the known exploits from Offensive Security database are imported into a MongoDB to facilitate the search of these vulnerabilities and exploits when your analysis are in progress.

expvarmon - TermUI based monitor for Go apps using expvars (/debug/vars)

  •    Go

TermUI based Go apps monitor using expvars variables (/debug/vars). Quickest way to monitor your Go app. Go apps console monitoring tool. Minimal configuration efforts. Quick and easy monitoring solution for one or multiple services.

Network Monitor Wizard - NetWiz


The NetWiz tool was created to assist the user in using nmcap and guide him through a wizard interface. The idea is to take advantage of the powerful command line interface of Network Monitor 3 offering a step by step GUI in order to capture traffic on a Windows system.

kimon - KDE ISDN Monitor

  •    C++

kimon is an ISDN-monitor for the K Desktop Environment. This tool resides in the toolbar of the desktop and displays the status of two ISDN channels. On incoming or outgoing calls kimon opens a window and shows additional information about all ISDN lines

Distributed Flow Monitor


This application represents a fast, distribuited, multipurpose IP flow monitor. The package comprises a sniffing and filtering tool and a measurement data collector. It allows to customize flow definitions as well as the metrics.

Database Stress and Monitor

  •    CSharp

DB Stress and Monitor is a tool for running transactional queries on MSSQL or MySQL Server by different periods and monitoring counts of some custom records. It requires .NET 2.0, MySQL .NET connector and Steema TeeChart Lite .NET Library to run.



QuickMon is a small but extendable monitoring system to monitor services/resources and raise alerts.