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RxSwift 中文文档




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RxBluetoothKit - iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift

  •    Swift

RxBluetoothKit is an Bluetooth library that makes interaction with BLE devices much more pleasant. It's backed by RxSwift and CoreBluetooth. Provides nice API to work with, and makes your code more readable, reliable and easier to maintain. Documentation can be found here.

RxSwift - Reactive Programming in Swift

  •    Swift

Rx is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through Observable<Element> interface.This is a Swift version of Rx.

RxAlamofire - RxSwift wrapper around the elegant HTTP networking in Swift Alamofire

  •    Swift

RxAlamofire is a RxSwift wrapper around the elegant HTTP networking in Swift Alamofire. Wrapping RxSwift around Alamofire makes working with network requests a smoother and nicer task. Alamofire is a very powerful framework and RxSwift add the ability to compose responses in a simple and effective way.

RxSwiftExt - A collection of Rx operators & tools not found in the core RxSwift distribution

  •    Swift

If you're using RxSwift, you may have encountered situations where the built-in operators do not bring the exact functionality you want. The RxSwift core is being intentionally kept as compact as possible to avoid bloat. This repository's purpose is to provide additional convenience operators and Reactive Extensions. This branch of RxSwiftExt targets Swift 4.x and RxSwift 4.0.0 or later.

Moya - Network abstraction layer written in Swift.

  •    Swift

A Chinese version of this document can be found here. You're a smart developer. You probably use Alamofire to abstract away access to URLSession and all those nasty details you don't really care about. But then, like lots of smart developers, you write ad hoc network abstraction layers. They are probably called "APIManager" or "NetworkModel", and they always end in tears.

aspnetcore-doc-cn - The Simplified Chinese edition of Microsoft ASP

  •    CSharp

The Simplified Chinese edition of Microsoft ASP.NET Core documentation, translated by .NET China Foundation

keras-docs-zh - Chinese (zh-cn) translation of the Keras documentation.


Chinese (zh-cn) translation of the Keras documentation.

fresco-docs-cn - Chinese documentation for fresco. The github pages site is: http://fresco-cn.org/

  •    Javascript

Chinese documentation for fresco. The github pages site is: http://fresco-cn.org/

RxAutomaton - RxSwift + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.

  •    Swift

RxSwift port of ReactiveAutomaton (State Machine). Whenever the word "signal" or "(signal) producer" appears (derived from ReactiveCocoa), they mean "hot-observable" and "cold-observable".

RxSwiftExamples - Examples and resources for RxSwift.

  •    Swift

RxSwiftExamples is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Moya-ObjectMapper - ObjectMapper bindings for Moya and RxSwift

  •    Swift

ObjectMapper bindings for Moya for easier JSON serialization. Includes RxSwift bindings as well. The subspec if you want to use the bindings over RxSwift.

ReactorKit - A framework for a reactive and unidirectional Swift application architecture

  •    Swift

ReactorKit is a framework for a reactive and unidirectional Swift application architecture. This repository introduces the basic concept of ReactorKit and describes how to build an application using ReactorKit. You may want to see the Examples section first if you'd like to see the actual code. Visit the API Reference for code-level documentation.

Vim documentation Chinese version


The project is to translate latest vim help documentations into simplified Chinese.

scylla - Intelligent proxy pool for Humans™

  •    Python

对于偏好中文的用户,请阅读 中文文档。For those who prefer to use Chinese, please read the Chinese Documentation. This is an example of running a service locally (localhost), using port 8899.

RxTodo - iOS Todo Application using RxSwift and ReactorKit

  •    Swift

Visit ReactorKit for detail. RxTodo is under MIT license. See the LICENSE for more info.

PodsUpdater - A macOS app which helps you manage dependency releases in your Podfile.

  •    Swift

I believe it should be up to the developer to determine the exact versions of dependencies used in their projects. When adding Pods to the Podfile, most developers use the optimistic operator pod 'RxSwift', '~> 4.1.1' or even leave out the version information entirely pod 'RxSwift'. This is because no one wants to go through the hell of finding new versions of their dependencies and updating manually. This also means the Dependency manager(CocoaPods) will have to decide which version to install in your project. Granted, with the optimistic operator, CocoaPods would probably never install a version of the Pod with breaking changes as long as the framework's developer continues using semantic versioning. But then, you wouldn't even get to know about the breaking release at all.

Action - Abstracts actions to be performed in RxSwift.

  •    Swift

This library is used with RxSwift to provide an abstraction on top of observables: actions. An action is a way to say "hey, later I'll need you to subscribe to this thing." It's actually a lot more involved than that.

NSObject-Rx - Handy RxSwift extensions on NSObject, including rx_disposeBag.

  •    Swift

If you're using RxSwift, you've probably encountered the following code more than a few times. You're actually not the only one; it has been typed many, many times.