Azure Application Monitor

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Azure Monitor lets you monitor your Azure-hosted applications in real-time. It includes a library for capturing runtime process information to cloud table storage; and also a desktop application for viewing the captured information in real-time.



Related Projects

Azure Grid

Azure Grid is the community edition of the Neudesic Grid Computing Framework. It provides a solution template and base classes for loading, executing, and aggregating grid tasks on the Windows Azure platform. It also includes a sample grid application.

Whatsup: Simple Azure Cloud App for Sharing Status

"Whatsup" is a sample cloud app for the Windows Azure platform--very simple, but with more realism than a "Hello Cloud". It lets you share your status and see the status of others, similar to what you see on Facebook. It is a cloud-hosted ASP.NET app that uses SQL Data Services.

LifeTracks: Azure Social Networking Web Site

"LifeTracks" is a social networking web site that demonstrates a variety of Azure cloud computing features. LifeTracks tracks "what are you doing?" status with 2 added dimensions: the content can include text & multimedia; and past/present/future timeline navigation.

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a useful GUI tool for inspecting the data in your Azure cloud storage projects including the logs of your cloud-hosted applications.

BatchLabs - A client tool to help create, debug and monitor Azure Batch Applications

Note: BatchLabs is in preview.Batch Labs is a tool to manage your Azure Batch accounts. The goal is to implement a great user experience that will help you debug, monitor and manage your pools, jobs and tasks. It will also include expermiental features such as Batch Templates in the aim to improve your Batch experience. We are open to any feedback, ideas and contributions you might have.

AzureUsageAndBillingPortal - This web application solution enables you to monitor the usage and billing for any Azure subscriptions you have access to

This project is designed to retrieve the usage details of all Azure services in a specific Azure subscription(s). Using PowerBI dashboard, one can retrieve up to date billing data (Azure service usage details) of a subscription that is registered to the system. First, any user with an active azure subscription has to register their subscription with the system through the registration website. To get registered, only the subscription owner's Microsoft ID (i.e. email address that ends with, etc.) or an organization ID (i.e. email address that ends with, etc.) and subscription’s domain name is needed. Providing this data, a user can register their Azure subscription with the system. Once the subscription is registered, the system automatically retrieves the past 3 years (adjustable parameter) usage data and allows it to be viewed by a PowerBI dashboard. Additionally, every day at UTC 00:00 o’clock, the system automatically retrieves the previous day’s usage and billing data for each registered subscription in the system. By doing this, it keeps all records up to date on a daily basis. There is always a 1-day delay (currently you can’t retrieve the past few hours’ data immediately because the main Azure system collects all data from different datacenters within different time zones) on the data presented through PowerBI.The PowerBI dashboard allows users to filter data in realtime according to different parameters such as: Subscriptions, Services, SubServices, etc.


AzureBlobSync is a GUI tool that synchronizes a local file folder with a blob cloud storage container. You can sync local-to-cloud or cloud-to-local.

azure-sdk-for-python - Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

This project provides a set of Python packages that make it easy to access Management (Virtual Machines, ...) or Runtime (ServiceBus using HTTP, Batch, Monitor) components of Microsoft Azure Complete feature list of this repo and where to find Python packages not in this repo can be found on our Azure SDK for Python features chapter on ReadTheDocs.The SDK supports Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

Azure Diagnostics Monitor

Just another tool to monitor the Windows Azure Diagnostics logs. The tool runs on Windows and requires .NET Framework 4.0.

Up or Down (Azure Sample)

"Up or Down" is a simple service monitor and dashboard application that demonstrates use of Azure web and worker roles using Azure table storage.

HedgehogDev Azure Cloud Application Monitor

The Cloud Application Monitors downloads logs and performance counters from an Azure cloud application. These are stored locally for display and reporting.


A simple console app to monitor the status of a Microsoft Azure Service and notify by email when a change occurs. This is something that Windows Azure doesn't currently support

Azure-Monitor - Simple end-to-end WCF service hosted via Azure.

Simple end-to-end WCF service hosted via Azure.

AzureMonitorAddonForSplunk - A Splunk add-on (aka modular input) that brings Metrics and Diagnostic Logs from various Azure ARM resources and the subscription-wide Activity Log (aka Audit Log) to Splunk Enterprise

This add-on is built using Node.js and Python 2.7 and has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 10 and Mac OS X.It consumes Metrics, Diagnostic Logs and the Activity Log according to the techniques defined by Azure Monitor, which provides highly granular and real-time monitoring data for Azure resources, and passes those selected by the user's configuration along to Splunk.

NeudesicPulseMobile - HTML Framework for Neudesic Pulse Mobile

HTML Framework for Neudesic Pulse Mobile - Repository for Neudesic India GitHub Public Page

Repository for Neudesic India GitHub Public Page - Public GitHub Pages website for Neudesic.

Public GitHub Pages website for Neudesic.


A Monitoring Appliction for Windows Azure Services with Clients in "Modern Application" Style and optional Winodws Push Notificaion Services.

iothub-explorer - IoT Hub Explorer is a tool that allows you to explore and test Azure IoT Hub features

A CLI tool to manage device identities in your IoT hub registry, send and receive messages and files from your devices, and monitor your IoT hub operations.iothub-explorer also lets you simulate a device connected to your IoT hub.

Cloud Event Monitor

Cloud Monitor is a system event management solution for Windows Azure.