go-astilectron-demo - Discover the power of Astilectron through a demo app

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This package is a demo of an astilectron app that uses the bootstrap and the bundler.and repeat step 3.




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go-astilectron - Build cross platform GUI apps with GO and HTML/JS/CSS (powered by Electron)

Thanks to go-astilectron build cross platform GUI apps with GO and HTML/JS/CSS. It is the official GO bindings of astilectron and is powered by Electron.To see a minimal Astilectron app, checkout out the demo.

PHP Stats

PHP Stats is a statistical package for PHP enabled web sites. The goal for PHP stats is to offer all of the features found in popular stat programs like Mini Tab. To see a demo go to phpstats.sourceforge.net/demo/demo.php

mapbox-android-demo - Demo app for Mapbox Android SDK on Google Play

This is a public demo of the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android. The demo app is available now in the Google Play Store and it shows off all the examples found on mapbox.com/android-sdk/examples using the same code. There are also examples that only live in the app. The app "labs" section combines the examples to create more complex demos. Check out the overview page to get started using the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android in your Android project.Note: This repo uses checkstyle to make sure code contributed follows the Mapbox Style standards. When a pull request is opened, Bitrise will check that no style issues occur in the code. To setup Checkstyle in Android Studio read this wiki entry.

digitalrain - Matrix Digital Rain written in Go for HTML5 + Canvas

Digital Rain is an HTML5 + Canvas demo app written entirely in Go. It's intended to mimic the look of the falling text in the movie The Matrix.Digital Rain is available under the MIT License.

multibar - Display multiple progress bars in Go (golang).

You can run this with cd demo; go run main.go.When you run tests, a lot of terminal cursor movement happens. This will cause the output to look all kinds of messed up. In most unix systems, clear or cmd+k should clear out the output.

minify - Go minifiers for web formats

Online demo if you need to minify files now.Command line tool that minifies concurrently and supports watching file changes.

gocode - An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language

It is called daemon, because it uses client/server architecture for caching purposes. In particular, it makes autocompletions very fast. Typical autocompletion time with warm cache is 30ms, which is barely noticeable.Also watch the demo screencast.

systray - a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area

Package systray is a cross platfrom Go library to place an icon and menu in the notification area. Tested on Windows 8, Mac OSX, Ubuntu 14.10 and Debian 7.6. Menu item can be checked and / or disabled. Methods except Run() can be invoked from any goroutine. See demo code under example folder.

Liberum - help desk in ASP

Liberum Help Desk is the complete help desk solution for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. This software provides a simple, easy to use web interface for managing and tracking technical support problems. It has features like email notification, Built in reporting, Windows authentication etc.

router - A lightweight and simple object oriented PHP Router

A demo is included in the demo subfolder. Serve it using your favorite web server, or using PHP 5.4+'s built-in server by executing php -S localhost:8080 on the shell. A .htaccess for use with Apache is included. Additionally a demo of a mutilingual router is also included. This can be found in the demo-multilang subfolder and can be ran in the same manner as the normal demo.

node-express-mongoose-demo - A simple demo app using express, mongoose, passport for beginners

This is a demo node.js application illustrating various features used in everyday web development, with a fine touch of best practices. The demo app is a blog application where users (signing up using facebook, twitter, github and simple registrations) can create an article, delete an article and add comments on the article. and replace the values there. In production env, it is not safe to keep the ids and secrets in a file, so you need to set it up via commandline. If you are using heroku checkout how environment variables are set here.

The Demo Effects Collection

The Demo Effects Collection is a collection of multimedia demo effects which is intended to cover the demo scene starting in the early eighties till today

A Simple Demo of Industrial Process Monitoring System based on .NET & Arduino

The demo show some key points of .NET 1 .NET WPF 2 WCF 3 Sinverlight 4 ADO.Net The demo is a good sample for learing .NET and developing process monitoring system. The demo get temperture from Arduinot It is also a good Arduin sample.

Socket Demo

Socket Demo a simple Socket demo. client asynchronous receive, server asynchronous receive. using .NET framework 2.0, TcpClient, TcpListener. Copyright 2009 (c) Socket Demo.

oauth2-demo-php - A demo application for running an OAuth2 server

This application is designed to demo the workflow between OAuth2.0 Clients and Servers.If this is your first time here, try experimenting with the live demo to get a better feel for OAuth2.0 flows.

JS-OCR-demo - JavaScript optical character recognition demo

JavaScript optical character recognition demo. Check it out here.

vulkan_minimal_compute - Minimal Example of Using Vulkan for Compute Operations. Only ~400LOC.

This is a simple demo that demonstrates how to use Vulkan for compute operations only. In other words, this demo does nothing related to graphics, and only uses Vulkan to execute some computation on the GPU. For this demo, Vulkan is used to render the Mandelbrot set on the GPU. The demo is very simple, and is only ~400LOC. The code is heavily commented, so it should be useful for people interested in learning Vulkan. The application launches a compute shader that renders the mandelbrot set, by rendering it into a storage buffer. The storage buffer is then read from the GPU, and saved as .png. Check the source code comments for further info.

demo - Symfony Demo Application

The "Symfony Demo Application" is a reference application created to show how to develop Symfony applications following the recommended best practices. Alternatively, you can configure a fully-featured web server like Nginx or Apache to run the application.

demo - Full-featured demo application built with the Spree e-commerce framework

Full-featured demo application built with the Spree e-commerce framework