Apache log4cxx - Logging Services for C++.

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Apache log4cxx provides logging services for C++.




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aws-logging-dotnet -

This repository contains plugins for popular .NET logging frameworks that integrate with Amazon Web Services. The plugins use the Amazon CloudWatch Logs service to write log data to a configured log group. The logs can be viewed and searched using the AWS CloudWatch Console.NLog uses targets that can be configured to receive log messages. Targets can be configured either through a config file or through code. The default config file that NLog will automatically search for is NLog.config. Here is an example config file that configures the AWS Region and the CloudWatch Logs log group.

quiver-log - Logging utility for dart modeled on log4j/logback

Quiver log is a set of logging utilities that make it easy to configure and manage Dart's built in logging capabilities.Dart's built-in logging utilities are fairly low level. This means each time you start a new project you have to copy/paste a bunch of logging configuration code to setup output locations and logging formats. Quiver-log provides a set of higher-level abstractions to make it easier to get logging setup correctly. Specifically, there are two new concepts: appender and formatter. Appenders define output locations like the console, http or even in-memory data structures that can store logs. Formatters, as the name implies, allow for custom logging formats.

tinylog - tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java and Android.

tinylog is a lightweight open-source logging framework for Java and Android, optimized for ease of use. The logger of tinylog is static, so it isn't necessary to create an instance of the logger before logging. By default all log entries of the level info or higher are written to the console.

kail - kubernetes log viewer

Kubernetes tail. Streams logs from all containers of all matched pods. Match pods by service, replicaset, deployment, and others. Adjusts to a changing cluster - pods are added and removed from logging as they fall in or out of the selection.With no arguments, kail matches all pods in the cluster. You can control the matching pods with arguments which select pods based on various criteria.

funnel - A minimalistic 12 factor log router written in Go

The 12 factor rule for logging says that an app "should not attempt to write to or manage logfiles. Instead, each running process writes its event stream, unbuffered, to stdout." The execution environment should take care of capturing the logs and perform further processing with it. Funnel is this "execution environment".All you have to do from your app is to print your log line to stdout, and pipe it to funnel. You can still use any logging library inside your app to handle other stuff like log level, structured logging etc. But don't bother about the log destination. Let funnel take care whether you want to just write to files or stream your output to Kafka. Think of it as a fluentd/logstash replacement(with minimal features!) but having only stdin as an input.

ios-twitter-logging-service - Twitter Logging Service is a robust and performant logging framework for iOS clients

Twitter has been using Twitter Logging Service since January 2014 with minimal changes. We've decided to share it with the developer community.The log message is sent to the logging service which provides the message to each output stream.

syslog - Send CloudWatch Logs Securely to Syslog via a Lambda function

Effortlessly forward all your container logs to a Syslog server.On AWS, CloudWatch Logs is the utility log service, offering high ingestion throughput and cheap storage. A Logs Subscription Filter coordinates the deceptively tough job of delivering every log to a custom Lambda Function log processor and syslog forwarder.

log4net Remote Logging Service

Consolidate all your log4net logs from your applications and servers to a single log via the log4net .NET Remoting Appender. Solve all issues with simultaneous writes to the log file, lost logs during roll-over etc. Browse all logs from all systems in a single logfile.

Kong - The Microservice API Gateway

Kong is a cloud-native, fast, scalable, and distributed Microservice Abstraction Layer (also known as an API Gateway, API Middleware or in some cases Service Mesh). Backed by the battle-tested NGINX with a focus on high performance, Kong was made available as an open-source platform in 2015. Under active development, Kong is used in production at thousands of organizations from startups, Global 5000 and Government organizations.

docker-fluentd - Docker container to collect other docker container logs with Fluentd

By default, the container logs are stored in /var/log/docker/yyyyMMdd.log inside this logging container. The data is buffered, so you may also see buffer files like /var/log/docker/20141114.b507c71e6fe540eab.log where "b507c71e6fe540eab" is a hash identifier. You can mount that container volume back to host. Also, by modifying fluent.conf and rebuilding the Docker image, you can stream up your logs to Elasticsearch, Amazon S3, MongoDB, Treasure Data, etc.docker-fluentd uses Fluentd inside to tail log files that are mounted on /var/lib/docker/containers/<CONTAINER_ID>/<CONTAINER_ID>-json.log. It uses the tail input plugin to tail JSON-formatted log files that each Docker container emits.

go-log - Go logging library with systemd journal support

go-log is a simple logging library for Go which supports logging to systemd.This example only logs messages with priority PriErr and greater.

log - Structured logging package for Go.

Package log implements a simple structured logging API inspired by Logrus, designed with centralization in mind. Read more on Medium.

Sawbuck - Log viewer and controller for Windows Chrome logging

Sawbuck is a log viewer and controller for Windows Chrome logging, and for other applications or plugins that use the logging facility in Chrome base. Logging in Chrome is integrated with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), which allows ETW controllers like Sawbuck to control log verbosity at runtime. The Chrome logging integration also captures the call stack at the logging site, which can then be resolved and displayed by log viewers such as Sawbuck.

qiao - Reliable Log Streamer

Qiao (橋, the Chinese character for “bridge”, pronounced as Chiao) is a standalone service that streams event data from a log in real-time and delivers them to one or more destinations. Similar to Unix 'tail -F' command, Qiao keeps following a log file when it rotates. One notable difference of Qiao from other log streamers is that Qiao keeps track of read-cursor position and stores the offset on the disk efficiently. In the event that the agent restarts, Qiao is able to continue processing at the file position where it left off before it terminated even if the file was rotated out. Furthermore, for a space-conscious log producer, Qiao can process logs in a compacted binary format, in addition to regular text format (a single ‘line’ of text followed by line feed (‘\n’)). Qiao also supports Avro format out of box.

Meniscus - The Python Event Logging Service

Meniscus is a Python based system for event collection, transit and processing in the large. It's primary use case is for large-scale Cloud logging, but can be used in many other scenarios including usage reporting and API tracing. Its components include Collection, Transport, Storage, Event Processing & Enhancement, Complex Event Processing, Analytics.

Indihiang - IIS and Apache log analyzing tool

Indihiang Project is a web log analyzing tool. This tool analyzes IIS and Apache Web logs and generates real time reports. It has Web Log Viewer and analyzer. It is capable to analyze the trend from the logs. This tool also integrate with windows Explorer so you can attach a log file in to indihiang tool via context menu.