dgeni-packages - A collection of dgeni packages for generating documentation from source code.

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A collection of dgeni packages for generating documentation from source code




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dgeni - Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by AngularJS, Protractor and other JS projects

Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by both AngularJS and Angular

tpm - Typescript client-side dependencies made easy

tpm install package.json -o types/ tpm install bower.json -o types/To read the devDependencies field as well, just add the `--dev` flag. Make sure to add it to the end. tpm install [something.json] --devCreate a single reference file pointing to all other reference files. Your application only needs to reference this single file to contain all definition files. The output defaults to `types/all.d.ts`. The input files are required. tpm index types/**/*.d.ts -o types/all.d.tsGrunt Tas

angular-component-spec - Specification for reusable AngularJS components

Attention: This document is a WIP! Since we want to collect as many opinions as possible, feel free to fork and send a Pull Request. We hope that once this specification is called final, developers of angular components will do things the same way, which will allow the Angular Team to provide better tooling.This specification should help you as a developer, as well as a consumer of Angular components, to find, use and develop reusable Angular components. Angular components are distributed as Bower packages. See bower.io for more information.

angular-seed - Extensible, reliable, modular, PWA ready starter project for Angular (2 and beyond) with statically typed build and AoT compilation

Provides fast, reliable and extensible starter for the development of Angular projects.Warning: If you're just getting started with the entire JavaScript ecosystem then Angular Seed might not be the best choice for you. The project provides scalable approach for building Angular applications but you may face difficulties configuring this highly customizable solution. In such case we recommend the Angular CLI.

angular-typescript-seed - A simple AngularJS seed project written in TypeScript

A simple AngularJS seed project written in TypeScript

cloudinary_angular - Cloudinary Angular client library

The formal Cloudinary Angular SDK to enhance your applications with image and video components powered by Cloudinary


A package to generate documentation from jsdoc style block comments in your .less files.

angular1-apollo - AngularJS integration for the Apollo Client

Use your GraphQL server data in your Angular 1.0 app, with the Apollo Client.This project uses TypeScript for static typing and TSLint for linting. You can get both of these built into your editor with no configuration by opening this project in Visual Studio Code, an open source IDE which is available for free on all platforms.

angularjs-in-patterns - AngularJS in patterns - this repository provides different look into AngularJS

One of the best ways to learn something new is to see how the things you already know are used in it. This document does not intend to make its readers familiar with the design or architectural patterns; it suggests basic understanding of the concepts of the OOP, design patterns and architectural patterns. The goal of this paper is to describe how different software design and architectural patterns are applied in AngularJS or any AngularJS single-page application.The document begins with brief overview of the AngularJS framework. The overview explains the main AngularJS components - directives, filters, controllers, services, scope. The second section lists and describes different design and architectural patterns, which are implemented inside the framework. The patterns are grouped by the AngularJS component they are used in. If some patterns are used inside multiple components it will be explicitly mentioned.


This package is no longer being maitained. It's functionality has been moved to https://github.com/angular/devkit/tree/master/packages/angular_devkit/build_optimizer.NGO contains Angular optimizations applicable to JavaScript code as a TypeScript transform pipeline.