labelinplace - A simple fully customizable form enhancement plugin for in-field label support

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A simple fully customizable form enhancement plugin for in-field label support.



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jQuery plugin to simplify working with HTML forms when HTML5 placeholder support is present.


This is a simple plugin that turns properly formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. Labels fade when the field is focussed and disappear when text entry begins. Clearing a field and leaving brings back the label.

bootstrap-form - Bootstrap 3 form builder for Laravel 4.2+

Simply use the `BootstrapForm` facade in the place of the `Form` facade when you want to generate a Bootstrap 3 form group.BootstrapForm::text('username');And you'll get back the following:<div class="form-group"><label for="username" class="control-label col-md-2">Username</label><div class="col-md-10"><input type="text" name="username" class="form-control"></div></div>Of course, if there are errors for that field it will even populate them.<div class="form-group has-error"><label for="username


```bashbower install --save angular-devise-modal```You can then use the main file at`angular-devise-modal/lib/devise-modal-min.js`.Usage-----Just register `DeviseModal` as a dependency for your module.Then, if a `401 Unauthorized` response is received, a modal will pop upasking for the user's login credentials. After the user logs in, theoriginal request will be retried and will be fulfilled with the retry'spromise. If the user decides to dismiss the modal, the original requestwill be rejected w

jquery-label - A jQuery plugin that allows you to get the label for a form element.

A jQuery plugin that allows you to get the label for a form element.

labels - Labels inside form fields (jQuery plugin)

Labels inside form fields (jQuery plugin)


The idea of using captions on form input boxes is not new, but all previous methods of providing this functionality have a few disadvantages. The jQuery FormLabels Plugin is a result of working with hundreds of different clients, sites, and especially forms. Every form is different, so building a uniform label generator was not an easy task. The plugin has a few advantages over plugins and “tricks” with similar functionality


Simple jQuery library for displaying HTML form labels inside corresponding input fields


This is an adaptation of the jQuery Live Form Validation found at for Twitter Boostrap. The modified script will allow for live form validation using the Twitter Bootstrap HTML pattern for forms.


Show Character Limit jQuery Plugin to report # of characters remaining in text edit or text area. With ScrewUnit tests.

jQuery-hideLabels - A jQuery plugin to hide and show nested form labels

A jQuery plugin to hide and show nested form labels

Bootstrap - HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. A 12-column responsive grid, dozens of components, JavaScript plugins, typography, form controls, and even a web-based Customizer to make Bootstrap your own.

openstack-ux - OpenStack User Experience Repository

The mission of the UX Program is to support and facilitate cross-project efforts to improve the overall user experience of OpenStack. We provide user research to help teams identify any issues preventing adoption of their services as well as help the projects validate design and development efforts to address those issues. In addition, we help the project teams create solutions to address customer needs and pain points. Finally, we will provide the OpenStack community with visibility into any us

Fake-Label - jQuery Plugin for input labels

jQuery Plugin for input labels


Phoenix is a jQuery plugin that saves form state to Local Storage via HMTL5 Web Storage APIs