UberCarAnimation - A demo app showing movement of car on map like in Uber.

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A demo application which demonstrates movement of car on map developed after inspiration from Uber. The application uses Google Maps Api Key and Google Map Directions key. Get these api key on google developers console after enabling them for your project. Replace your google maps directions api key in strings.xml and google maps key in google_maps_api.xml. For convenience a TODO has been added there just follow them.




Related Projects

spruce-android - Spruce Animation Library

  •    Java

Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. With so many different animation libraries out there, developers need to make sure that each view is animating at the appropriate time. Spruce can help designers request complex multi-view animations and not have the developers cringe at the prototype. For javadocs checkout the documentation for more information.

android-ui-animation-components-and-libraries - Android UI libraries, components and animations by @ramotion

  •    Kotlin

A slide-modeled UI navigation controller. A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected.

LSAnimator - ⛓ Easy to Read and Write Multi-chain Animations Lib in Objective-C and Swift.

  •    Objective-C

You can write complex and easy-to-maintain animations in just a few lines of code by use LSAnimator(Objective-C) or CoreAnimator(Swift). CAAnimations and UIView animations are extremely powerful, but it is very hard to read when the animation is complicated.

AndroidIconAnimator - Android vector icon animation tool

  •    Javascript

A web-based tool that lets you design icon animations and other animated vector art for Android. Exports to Animated Vector Drawable format for Android. Not intended to replace After Effects or other professional animation tools, but very useful for simple animations.


  •    HTML

Easy Android Animations is an animation library that aims to make android animations easier, with 50+ builtin animations, it allows you to introduce many complex animation effects in your application with one or two lines of code. You can download this jar file and include it in your project, otherwise you can download the source code and customize it according to your need.

MultiStateAnimation - Android library to create complex multi-state animations.

  •    Java

Android library to create complex multi-state animations. A class that allows for complex multi-state animations using Android's AnimationDrawable. It supports both oneshot and looped animation sections. Transitions between sections can be defined, and will play automatically when moving between the defined states. State transitions can be queued asynchronously, and the library will take car of smoothly starting the next animation once the current section is complete.

ShimmerLayout - Memory efficient shimmering effect for Android applications by Supercharge.

  •    Java

When it comes to performance, ShimmerLayout is the best option available. Not only can you achieve high frame rate even in RecyclerViews, but it also animates views with insignificant memory footprint. I conducted a benchmark to compare memory usages between different shimmer implementations. The test device I used is a HTC M8 phone. For the animations the sample application was used.

ticker - An Android text view with scrolling text change animation

  •    Java

There are some breaking API changes introduced in ticker 2.0. Please refer to the 2.0 migration doc. Ticker is a simple Android UI component for displaying scrolling text. Think about how an odometer scrolls when going from one number to the next, that is similar to what Ticker does. The Ticker handles smooth animations between strings and also string resizing (e.g. animate from "9999" to "10000").

MTransition - Android:自定义页面切换动画,Custom page Transition

  •    Java

MTransition is a page switching animation library on Android,it can make some complex, custom page switching animations easier to implement, and reduce development time. As a developer,you only need to complete UI development of two activities.The intermediate transition animation is handed over to MTransiton, and MTransiton can perfectly implement the various page switching animations you need.

recyclerview-animators - An Android Animation library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items

  •    Java

RecyclerView Animators is an Android library that allows developers to easily create RecyclerView with animations. Please feel free to use this.

DragonBone Animation


DragonBone Software allows developers to create 2D skeletal animations that can be exported via XML and added into your project. Empowering the user to quickly and effortlessly create 2D animations for use in the development of a variety of programs.

ViewPagerAnimator - A lightweight, yet powerful ViewPager animation library for Android

  •    Java

ViewPagerAnimator is a new lightweight, yet powerful ViewPager animation library for Android. it is designed to animate arbitrary values as the user navigates between pages within a ViewPager, and will precisely follow the motion of h[is|er] finger. Although the library itself may be of use to some, the main purpose of publishing this library is to demonstrate some wonderful API subtleties which really come to the fore when using Java 8 extensions which are coming our way soon. Sample projects for both Java 7 and Java 8 are provided. To use ViewPagerAnimator in Java 7 code it is necessary to implement two interfaces which act as facades to arbitrary objects of your chosing: The Provider interface will provide an arbitrary value for each pager position within the ViewPager (this would typicaly be a value controlled by the PagerAdapter); the Property interface will control the value we wish to animate (this would typically be a value which controlled the appearance of a View).

lottie-ios - An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations

  •    Objective-C

Lottie is a mobile library for Android and iOS that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with bodymovin and renders the vector animations natively on mobile and through React Native!

LottieXamarin - Render After Effects animations natively on Android, iOS, MacOS and TvOS for Xamarin

  •    CSharp

All of these animations were created in After Effects, exported with Bodymovin, and rendered natively with no additional engineering effort. Bodymovin is an After Effects plugin created by Hernan Torrisi that exports After effects files as json and includes a javascript web player. We've built on top of his great work to extend its usage to Android, iOS, and React Native.

ToDoList - Micro-Transitions for Smooth Android To-Do List Animations

  •    Java

Micro-Transitions for Smooth Android To-Do List Animations

Rebound - Spring Animations for Android

  •    Java

Rebound is a java library that models spring dynamics. Rebound spring models can be used to create animations that feel natural by introducing real world physics to your application.Rebound is not a general purpose physics library; however, spring dynamics can be used to drive a wide variety of animations. The simplicity of Rebound makes it easy to integrate and use as a building block for creating more complex components like pagers, toggles, and scrollers.

Keyframes - A library for converting Adobe AE shape based animations to a data format and playing it back on Android and iOS devices

  •    Javascript

Keyframes is a combination of (1) an ExtendScript script that extracts image animation data from an After Effects file and (2) a corresponding rendering library for Android and iOS. Keyframes can be used to export and render high quality, vector based animations with complex shape and path curves, all with minimal file footprint. For a detailed list of constraints for developing animations to use with the Keyframes library, please refer to the Keyframes After Effects Guidelines.

ViewPagerTransforms - Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling for Android v13+

  •    Java

Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling on Android v13+. This library is a rewrite of the JazzyViewPager library and owes credit of the animation concepts directly to its source. The purpose of this rewrite is to provide an easier to use and extend implementation of ViewPager animations. Add gradle dependency to your application.