pocket-reader.el - Emacs client for Pocket reading list (getpocket.com)

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This is a client for Pocket (getpocket.com). It allows you to manage your reading list: add, remove, delete, tag, view, favorite, etc. Doing so in Emacs with the keyboard is fast and efficient. Links can be opened in Emacs with any function, or in external browsers, and specific sites/URLs can be opened with specific browser functions. Views can be sorted by date, title, domain, tags, favorite, etc, and “limited” mutt-style. Items can be searched for using keywords, tags, favorite status, unread/archived status, etc. Items can optionally be colorized by site, making it easy to tell which items come from different sites. Items are grouped depending on the sort column. Marked items are displayed with inverse colors.




Related Projects

pockyt - automate and manage your pocket collection

  •    Python

A usable, customizable commandline client to automate and manage your pocket collection. Pocket is an application for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet.

Pocket-ObjC-SDK - Headless iOS/Mac SDK for saving stuff to Pocket.

  •    Objective-C

Thanks for checking out the Pocket SDK. With a few lines of code, your app can quickly add support for saving URLs to users' Pocket lists. The Pocket SDK is the fastest way to add Pocket integration to any iOS or Mac application. Adding the Pocket SDK to your app is incredibly easy. Follow the steps below and you can be saving urls to Pocket from your app within 15 minutes.


  •    C++

Simple Program for SIEMENS Pocket reader to transfer contents of pocket reader memory directly to the clipboard.

Pocket Tcl Environment (PTE)

  •    Perl

The Pocket Tcl Environment (PTE) (quot;Pocket Tclquot;) aims to be a complete application environment for handheld devices running the GNU/Linux operating system. quot;Pocket Tclquot; is so called because it is written in the Tcl/Tk scripting language and widget toolkit.

FLAC on Pocket PC


This project is a Pocket PC port for the FLAC (free lossless audio codec) library, and a plugin that works with Pocket PC media players GSPlayer and MortPlayer.

Pocket Sudoku

  •    CSharp

Pocket Sudoku is the definite sudoku application for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile). It can currently generate sudoku puzzles using six different difficuties, solve any valid puzzle, show pencil marks, hint you when you've got stuck, and much more...

Pocket Open Component Kit ( Pocket )

  •    Java

POCKET is a set of free open-source components for portal development and are provided for the public so as to provide rapid development and component reuse. The components are written in Java and thus are platform independent. Currently, we focus on JSP

The Pocket Linux Guide


The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested in learning the techniques of building a GNU/Linux system from source code. The guide is structured as a project that builds a small diskette-based GNU/Linux system called Pocket Linux.

Pocket CRF

  •    C++

Pocket CRF is a modified version of CRF++, it maintains the simplicity of CRF++ and is able to use high order features. Pocket M3N is a simple Max Margin Markov Networks package for sequence labeling tasks.

Pocket Calculator

  •    CSharp

This is POC project that implements a simple WinForms Pocket Calculator that uses a Microsoft .NET 4.0.1 State Machine Workflow in the back-end.

Nomad WebSync


Synchronization data from Pocket Outlook to a remote webservice, with a Windows WCF interface for access and manipulation of the data on server

MyLinux PLW Software

  •    C

PLW (Pocket Linux Workstation) An Open Source, custom Linux embedded platform small enough for your pocket and powerful enough for your workstation. OS and Software development project for the MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation (PLW).

kaptan - configuration manager in your pocket.

  •    Python

configuration manager in your pocket.

camping - the 4k pocket full-of-gags web microframework

  •    Ruby

the 4k pocket full-of-gags web microframework

Pocket Podcasts

  •    PHP

Podcast client supporting Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Intel Pocket Concert user API

  •    C

Provide a user-level API (C library) for communicating with the Intel Pocket Concert MP3 player under Linux and *BSD, as well as a simple command-line utility for managing files/tracks on the device.


  •    C

Fpocket is a very fast open source protein pocket detection algorithm based on Voronoi tessellation. The platform is suited for the scientific community willing to develop new scoring functions and extract pocket descriptors on a large scale level.

.NET VNC Viewer

  •    CSharp

.NET VNC Viewer is a VNC viewer written entirely in C#. It is binary compatible with Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Windows desktops (.NET CF or .NET Framework). I write this because other VNC viewers on Pocket PC do not do full screen and screen rotation.


  •    C

dialDTMF is a library for dialing DTMF's (it is not a DTMF tone generator). An example usage of the library is included which is a Pocket Contact plugin to dial telephone numbers from a PDA running the Microsoft Pocket PC platform

CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC

  •    C

CeGCC is a cross-development environment for creating Windows CE (Pocket PC) applications, from a Linux, Cygwin, or MacOS-X host PC.