- A site for finding untagged Tumblr posts

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This repo contains the source code for It's a static site built with Jekyll. For the history of the site, see the site's about page.



Related Projects

jekyll-redirect-from - :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Seamlessly specify multiple redirections URLs for your pages and posts

  •    Ruby

Give your Jekyll posts and pages multiple URLs. When importing your posts and pages from, say, Tumblr, it's annoying and impractical to create new pages in the proper subdirectories so they, e.g. /post/123456789/my-slug-that-is-often-incompl, redirect to the new post URL.

tumblr - Command line interface and Ruby client for the Tumblr API (v2)

  •    Ruby

It's been rewritten from the ground up to support v2 of the api. Like the v1, the current version reads files with a special front-matter block, like Jekyll. In addition, this new version offers the ability to post photos, videos, and audio.

tumblr-boilerplate - :zap: A true bare bones Tumblr theme for a quick jump-start

  •    HTML

A fully functional bare-bones Tumblr theme that works out of the box. Style it to your needs. The goal of the project was to remove uncessary code easing the development process. Tumblr will auto-inject code (such as Open Graph Protocol, Twitter Cards & javascript) into the final result for your page. This is out of the theme developers' control. Running it through a HTML Validator or Page Speed may spit out warnings & errors.

WLPG Tumblr Plugin

  •    CSharp

Windows Live Photo Gallery Tumblr publishing plugin makes it easier for you to publish your tumblr images directly from your Windows Live Photo Gallery. It's developed under C# and it's free! The project is developed under VS 2010

tumblr-utils - Utilities for dealing with Tumblr blogs, Tumblr backup

  •    Python

This is a collection of utilities dealing with Tumblr blogs. These scripts are or have been useful to me over the years.

jekyll-admin - A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites

  •    Javascript

A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites. The project is divided into two parts. A Ruby-based HTTP API that handles Jekyll and filesystem operations, and a JavaScript-based front end, built on that API. Interested in contributing to Jekyll Admin? We’d love your help. Jekyll Admin is an open source project, built one contribution at a time by users like you. See the contributing instructions, and the development docs for more information.

jekyll-assets - :art: Asset pipelines for Jekyll.

  •    Ruby

Jekyll Assets is a drop in asset pipeline that uses Sprockets to build specifically for Jekyll. It utilizes Sprockets, and Jekyll to try and achieve a clean, and extensible assets platform that supports plugins, caching, converting your assets. It even supports proxying of said assets in a way that does not interfere with either Sprockets, or Jekyll, or your own source. By default you can add Jekyll Assets to your Gemfile, as a plugin, and have it act as a drop-in replacement for Jekyll's basic SASS processors, with you only having to add it to your Gemfile, and updating your <img>, and <link>. The configuration file is the same as Jekyll's, which is _config.yml. Except we use the special key called assets inside of that file. All values listed below are default, you need not copy these into your configuration file unless you plan to change a value. Setting a value makes it explicit, and shared across both production, and development.

jekyll-import - :inbox_tray: The "jekyll import" command for importing from various blogs to Jekyll format

  •    Ruby

The new Jekyll command for importing from various blogs to Jekyll format. Note: migrators are now called importers and are only available if one installs the jekyll-import gem.

jekyll-paginate-v2 - Pagination Generator for Jekyll 3 (enhanced replacement for the old built-in jekyll-paginate gem)

  •    Ruby

Pagination gem built specially for Jekyll 3 and newer that is fully backwards compatible and serves as an enhanced replacement for the previously built-in jekyll-paginate gem. View it on Reach me at the project issues section or via email at, you can also get in touch on the project's Gitter chat room.

jekyll - :globe_with_meridians: Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby

  •    Ruby

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator perfect for personal, project, or organization sites. Think of it like a file-based CMS, without all the complexity. Jekyll takes your content, renders Markdown and Liquid templates, and spits out a complete, static website ready to be served by Apache, Nginx or another web server. Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can use to host sites right from your GitHub repositories. Jekyll does what you tell it to do — no more, no less. It doesn't try to outsmart users by making bold assumptions, nor does it burden them with needless complexity and configuration. Put simply, Jekyll gets out of your way and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: your content.

minima - Minima is a one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for writers.

  •    CSS

Minima is a one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for writers. It's Jekyll's default (and first) theme. It's what you get when you run jekyll new. Minima has been scaffolded by the jekyll new-theme command and therefore has all the necessary files and directories to have a new Jekyll site up and running with zero-configuration.

startbootstrap-clean-blog-jekyll - A Jekyll version of the Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap

  •    Javascript

The official Jekyll version of the Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap.A full Jekyll environment is included with this theme. If you have Jekyll installed, simply run jekyll serve in your command line and preview the build in your browser. You can use jekyll serve --watch to watch for changes in the source files as well.

jekyll-scholar - jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

  •    Gherkin

Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions to Jekyll, the awesome, blog aware, static site generator; it formats your bibliographies and reading lists for the web and gives your blog posts citation super-powers. Note that it is not possible to use this plugin with the default Github pages workflow. Github does not allow any but a few select plugins to run for security reasons, and Jekyll-Scholar is not among them. You will have to generate your site locally and push the results to the master resp. gh-pages branch of your site repository. You can keep sources, configuration and plugins in a separate branch; see e.g. here for details.

jekyll-docker - :ship: Docker images and builders for Jekyll.

  •    Shell

The standard images (jekyll/jekyll) include a default set of "dev" packages, along with Node.js, and other stuff that makes Jekyll easy. It also includes a bunch of default gems that the community wishes us to maintain on the image. The builder image comes with extra stuff that is not included in the standard image, like lftp, openssh and other extra packages meant to be used by people who are deploying their Jekyll builds to another server with a CI.

hydeout - A refreshed version of Hyde for Jekyll 3.x

  •    CSS

Hydeout updates the original Hyde theme for Jekyll 3.x and adds new functionality. Hydeout is available as the jekyll-theme-hydeout Ruby Gem. Add gem "jekyll-theme-hydeout", "~> 3.4" to your Gemfile and run bundle install.

Jalpc - ๐ŸŽJalpc -- A flexible Jekyll theme, 3 steps to build your website.

  •    CSS

This is a simple, beautiful and swift theme for Jekyll. It's mobile first, fluidly responsive, and delightfully lightweight. If you're completely new to Jekyll, I recommend checking out the documentation at or there's a tutorial by Smashing Magazine.

aviator-jekyll-template - :droplet: API Documentation template for Jekyll

  •    CSS

API documentation template for Jekyll. Browse through a live demo. Start documenting your API with this configurable theme. Aviator was made by CloudCannon, the Cloud CMS for Jekyll.

will-jekyll-template - A simple Jekyll theme.

  •    HTML

This is a simple and minimalist template for Jekyll designed for developers that want to write blog posts but don't want to care about frontend stuff. You have to fill some informations on _config.yml to customize your site.

jekyll-TeXt-theme - ๐Ÿ’Ž A super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, documentation, etc

  •    CSS

TeXt is a super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, documentation, etc. Similar to iOS 11 style, it has large and prominent titles, round buttons and cards. TeXt has 6 built-in skins, you can also set up your own skin.