MMM-iFrame - iframe module for Magic Mirror. Supports camera, twitch, youtube streaming and more!

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The MMM-iFrame module is for MagicMirror. It is a simple way to add an iFrame of any web content to your MagicMirror. Please note that not all websites support being in a iFrame. As of right now, Nest Camera only support streaming to iFrame when the camera feed is set to public. When you set it to public, you'll get a live URL and a iFrame embedded URL (should look like Put that url into the config.url[]. For more info, check out this thread


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This plugin will NOT work if the iframe contains a page from another domain, use one of the alternate libraries above if you need cross domain resize. You will find versions before 2.0.0 in the release directory, all newer versions are handled using bower and the packaged file is in the dist directory.

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Debug leaves the iframe visible on the page after printThis runs, allowing you to inspect the markup and CSS. Copy CSS <link> tags to the printThis iframe. On by default.

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