Hammond - Self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles

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Hammond is a self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles. It supports multiple users sharing multiple vehicles. It is the logical successor to Clarkson which has not been updated for quite some time now.




Related Projects

Personal Expense Management


Personal Expense Management a .net based money management solution, track your expense, build budget and view financial impacts on daily expenses.

Crater - Open Source Invoicing Solution for Individuals & Businesses

  •    PHP

Crater is an open-source web & mobile app that helps you track expenses, payments & create professional invoices & estimates. It provides support to create Professional invoices, Estimates, Track Expense and payments, Input different tax types & calculate them as simple or compound tax per-item or directly on invoice total.

Open Door Logistics Studio - Intelligient software for Vechile routing and Territory mangement

  •    Java

Open Door Logistics Studio is an easy-to-use standalone open source desktop application for performing (a) analysis of your customer locations, (b) sales territory design and mapping and (c) vehicle fleet routing & scheduling - all using an Excel spreadsheet. It supports Territory design, Territory mapping, Vehicle routing & scheduling.

3d-vehicle-tracking - Official implementation of Joint Monocular 3D Vehicle Detection and Tracking (ICCV 2019)

  •    Python

We present a novel framework that jointly detects and tracks 3D vehicle bounding boxes. Our approach leverages 3D pose estimation to learn 2D patch association overtime and uses temporal information from tracking to obtain stable 3D estimation. Joint Monocular 3D Vehicle Detection and Tracking Hou-Ning Hu, Qi-Zhi Cai, Dequan Wang, Ji Lin, Min Sun, Philipp Krähenbühl, Trevor Darrell, Fisher Yu. In ICCV, 2019.

Expense Management


A danish Expense Management system, precreated in asp.net as a poc for a futures Azure version.


  •    C

ExpenseTracker is a tag based personal expense tracking software. It is developed to run on Windows and Linux flavors. It uses sqlite3 for storing user preferences and expense details.



This is an expense tracking system written with C++ to use postgresql database for storing expense information in. The author uses this application to track expenses for tax purposes.

Expense Submittal System

  •    Java

The Expense Submittal System (ESS) is a Web-based solution for expense reports and expense report processing. ESS provides report entry, approval routing, corporate policy checking, credit card statement importation and report payment. The latest versions allow for a paperless process via receipt scanning and texting.


  •    PHP

TankLogger is a PHP/MySQL app for tracking aquarium parameters. Includes graphing, calendar/blogging, expense tracking, event scheduling, livestock photo albums with slideshows, a head loss calculator, vendor tracking, and multiple tank support.

simple_vehicle_counting - Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting

  •    C++

Note: the procedure is similar for OpenCV 2.4.x and Visual Studio 2013. Go to Windows console.

IceHrm - Manage your employees easily with a robust and efficient Human Resource Management System

  •    Javascript

IceHrm is a HRM software which enable companies of all sizes to manage HR activities properly. It stores employee information securely, Automates your leave management, Track every bit of time spent, Payroll Processing and handles Expenses Management.

expenses - 💰Expense tracker using Google Sheets 📉 as a storage written in React

  •    Javascript

💰Expenses is a progressive web application on top of Google Sheets 📉 written in React ⚛️. It is only a static HTML that works great on mobile 📱 and can be deployed anywhere.Check out the demo but please be considerate and don't break it for others.

expense-tracker-mern - Full stack expense tracker

  •    Javascript

Backend for expense tracker

expense-tracker-react - Simple expense tracker using React hooks & context

  •    Javascript

Simple expense tracker using React hooks & context

Settle - Workforce Management

  •    Java

Settle is a browser-based workforce management suite, providing such functions as time, expense, and leave management, workflow, and integration to enterprise systems, within a robust security model.


  •    Java

iFreeBudget is a free, open source expense and budget tracking application for PC and Android platforms.

jsprit - Toolkit for solving rich vehicle routing problems

  •    Java

jsprit is a java based, open source toolkit for solving rich traveling salesman (TSP) and vehicle routing problems (VRP). It is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use. jsprit can solve problems with pickups and deliveries, back hauls, heterogeneous fleets, finite and infinite fleets, multiple depots, time windows, open routes, different start and end locations, multiple capacity dimensions, initial loads etc.

Ever Gauzy - Business Management Platform (ERP / CRM / HRM)

  •    Typescript

Ever Gauzy - Open-Source Business Management Platform for On-Demand and Sharing Economies. The platform includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Human Resource Management (HRM) software with employee Time and Activity Tracking functionality.

openems - OpenEMS - Open Source Energy Management System

  •    Java

OpenEMS - the Open Source Energy Management System - is a modular platform for energy management applications. It was developed around the requirements of monitoring, controlling, and integrating energy storage together with renewable energy sources and complementary devices and services like electric vehicle charging stations, heat-pumps, electrolysers, time-of-use electricity tariffs and more. If you plan to use OpenEMS for your own projects, please consider joining the OpenEMS Association e.V., a network of universities, hardware manufacturers, software companies as well as commercial and private owners, and get in touch in the OpenEMS Community forum.

Blackberry Expense Manager

  •    Java

Application that helps you to manage your expense by setting budgets and allows you to track your expenses.

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