ASP.NET WebForms Ajax Available User Control

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There are several approaches to use ajax callback in ASP.NET. We can use PageMethods in WebForms (but not in User Controls), ScriptServices or implement ICallbackEventHandler for your code-behind class and even use jQuery post or get methods to call webforms or pagemethods (bu...



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SharpMap - Geospatial Application Framework for the CLR

SharpMap is an easy-to-use map rendering and display engine, including AJAX-powered ASP.Net UserControl and a WinForm 2.0 control.

Silverlight Modal Window

Modal UserControl that "wraps" a hosted UserControl inside a window frame which provides for resizing, moving, maximizing, and many of the other features enjoyed with traditional modal Windows forms.

XamlAspNetMvc - Xaml + ASP.NET MVC Experiments

XamlAspNetMvc is aimed at exploring how to use Xaml with ASP.NET MVC In this current check in, 1 - There is an XamlAsyncController that'll help you render Xaml usercontrol as an image 2 - You can also bind your usercontrol with a viewmodel/viewdata

ASP.NET Linked List Boxes UserControl

This ASP.NET UserControl displays two ListBoxes and allows the user to select items by moving them from the source ListBox to the destination ListBox.

Gauge Dial Custom UserControl

This is a vb2008 custom usercontrol that displays information like a speedometer or fuel gauge. It has a custom function "AccelerateTo(x)" to make the dial move its needle like a real gauge.


Table Anarchy is a UserControl that uses JQuery to forcibly deconstruct a table's cells into individual DIVs. This gives you more freedom to structure the former table's data using CSS. As it exists now, the UserControl only reliably works with a simple Table structure, where there are no colspans or rowspans.

WPF-Circular-Gauge - WPF CircularGauge.dll is a gauge UserControl based on EvelynT code.

WPF CircularGauge.dll is a gauge UserControl based on EvelynT code.


A UserControl for Windows Phone 8 that emulates the behavior of a Joystick.


General & Specialized AJAX Controls built on top of the AJAX Control Toolkit and ASP.Net AJAX 1.0

Ajax Sprite Toolkit

The Ajax Sprite Toolkit is a collection of ASP.NET AJAX Controls and Behaviors that aid in the development of 2D sprite based games that run in a web browser.

AJAX Control Toolkit

The AJAX Control Toolkit is a collection of samples and components which make it easier than ever to build and consume rich client-side controls and extenders built on the Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. The Toolkit provides both ready to go samples and...


An xml editor with tag completion, syntax highlighting, folding and validation. Based on the ICSharpCode.TextEditor, and extending the previous Matthew Ward's works, this version can be used in any C# application, as it is an UserControl. The Fatica

WPF Rich Editor Library

WPF Rich Editor Library is a WPF UserControl with "Word-like" text editor. Written in C#. Project use RibbonControlsLibrary for user-friendly ribbon menu and open-source & modified "convertHTML" library for export/import FlowDocument and HTML format.

JSkin C# WinForms Skin Library

jSkin is .NET Winforms Skin Library that allows you to decorate your Formborder with custom style.

Dictionary 2 javascript for Umbraco

This project includes the usercontrol etc. needed to get the content of Umbraco's dictionary items into javascript, making it easier to localize feedback to the users of the site.


Awesome.ClientID is a HTTPModule which serializes the ClientID of server controls, and page/usercontrol properties to a Json to make working with JavaScript easier without the need for outputting ClientID's. It's a solution for clean ClientIDs for .NET 2.0/3.5


Build and merge ASP.NET user controls into DLL library which can be later used to dynamically load these user controls from code into other web application projects. You'll no longer need to distribute aspx/ascx files within this library, it is already merged to single DLL.

Fish Eye effect for WPF.In VB.Net, A very nice Animation, with custom speed

WPF Fisheye project includes a usercontrol which a developer can use to implement the fisheye effect in a listview. Thanks, Vikas [url:Visit my blog|]

Winform Progress Trackers

Allows you to have visible progress through a series of steps. How those steps are done is up to you. This just helps display how far along the user has got.

SPAspTaskForm the simple way to create Sharepoint workflow taskforms

This project aims at making the creation of sharepoint workflow taskforms in ASP.NET as simple as possible. Imagine having a ASP.NET developer with limited sharepoint experience and NO workflow knowledge. Now it's simple to create task forms, just create a UserControl and ac...