AJAX Control Framework

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Do PageMethods and the UpdatePanel make you feel dirty? Think building AJAX enabled ASP.NET applications should WAY easier than it is? Wish ASP.NET AJAX wasn't so bloated? You don't have to settle or compromise. Come see the light with the AJAX Control Framework.




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ASP.NET WebForms Ajax Available User Control

There are several approaches to use ajax callback in ASP.NET. We can use PageMethods in WebForms (but not in User Controls), ScriptServices or implement ICallbackEventHandler for your code-behind class and even use jQuery post or get methods to call webforms or pagemethods (bu...

Ajax Data Controls

The purpose of this project is to Develop data controls such as GridView, DataList, Repeater, DetailsView, FromView, ObjectDataSource on top of Microsoft Ajax Framework for Client Centric Development model. Since the Asp.net version of these controls does not have clientside obje


Abstraction library which enables the authoring of Ajax ScriptControl objects which can be consumed by both WebForms and MVC applications.


General & Specialized AJAX Controls built on top of the AJAX Control Toolkit and ASP.Net AJAX 1.0

ASP.NET AJAX Control Set (AjaxSet)

AjaxSet is a library that is intended to contain a number of AJAX controls and extenders.

Turbo framework for ASP.NET

Turbo framework is an extension for ASP.NET which solves most problems associated with WebForms (ViewState, performance, client-side scripting, resource optimization), while utilizing its advantages (component design, RAD), and comes with a set of advanced, rich UI controls.

Classic Validation Controls for ASP.NET MVC

This library is complete set of Validation Controls for ASP.NET MVC imported from ASP.NET WebForms in MVC Style, which are used in WebForms. It makes client side validation easier both for Developer and Designer with less code. It's developed in C#.

Ajax NewWindow Extender

an ajaxcontrol extender that will let you open a new window (window.open) in a ASP.net web Site with options like target Fullscreen hide/show Toolbar hide/show status hide/show menubar size location

Ajax Sprite Toolkit

The Ajax Sprite Toolkit is a collection of ASP.NET AJAX Controls and Behaviors that aid in the development of 2D sprite based games that run in a web browser.

ProudMonkey MessageBox Controls for WebForms

The customize MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox controls for ASP.NET WebForms was designed in which developers can easily prompt a message in the page whether they use it via server or client side without having much code and to present a user friendly message to end users.

Building Blox

Building Blox is an Open Source ASP.NET AJAX (C#) Drag and Drop Website Portal Developed by Yousef Wadi. This is a portal system that allows the administrators to drag and drop their content on their portal, as well as use ready made controls or custom made controls.

ExtJs Extender Controls

A collection of Asp.net Extender controls wrapping the ExtJs Framework.

ProDinner ASP.net Awesome WebForms Sample Application

prodinner sample application for ASP.net Awesome jQuery Ajax Controls

Manic Controls

Library of specialized asp.net custom web controls. This library will grow as new controls will be added frequently.

Form-Framework - A simple CSS framework that allows designers to implement custom form controls.

A simple CSS framework that allows designers to implement custom form controls.

Ajax Server Controls

Building the equivalent serverside controls in AJAX, based on the Microsoft AJAX Library. featured controls are: listview control datapager control dropdownlist control objectdatasource control

Generic MVC Control

The MvcControl<TControl> generic class was written (in C#) for the purpose of re-using the huge, great framework that we're all used to since many couple years: the ASP.NET WebForms Framework. It enables using Web Forms controls within MVC applications without the downsides.

ASP.NET Essentials Components

Toolkit for ASP.NET 3.5 WebForms projects. Main features: 1) Modular architecture. Every module is declated in external XML file 2) URL rewriting 3) Set of high level business line server controls 4) Dynamic pages 5) Custom sitemap definition

IconizedButton Control Set

ASP.NET WebForms IconizedButton Custom Control Set. Replaces the dull Button/LinkButton/HyperLink controls with styling and left and right aligned icons (via FamFamFam icon set). Contains built-in control styles/skins. Available customized user-configured styles/skins via CSS.

Ajax Controls and Extenders

Ajax Controls and Extenders written in C# using Ajax 1.x and MS Visual Studio 2005.