react-native-segment-control - Swipeable SegmentedControl component for React Native apps

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Swipeable SegmentedControl component for React Native apps


hoek : ^5.0.4



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react-native-tab-view - A cross-platform Tab View component for React Native

  •    Javascript

A cross-platform Tab View component for React Native. This is a JavaScript-only implementation of swipeable tab views. It's super customizable, allowing you to do things like coverflow.

tabs - Tab navigators for React Navigation

  •    TypeScript

Tab navigators for React Navigation. Follow the instructions on the the React Navigation "Getting Started" guide, and then add the react-navigation-tabs package to your project.

react-native-tabs - React Native platform-independent tabs

  •    Javascript

Component just iterates over all its children and makes them touchable ('name' is only required attribute of each child). selectedStyle property represents style should be applied for selected tabs. This property could be set for all tabs or for individual tab. selectedIconStyle represents style applied for selected tab. The same, onSelect handler could be set globally for all tabs or/and for individual tab. You can lock tab buttons (require user to use long press to actuate the button) by passing prop {locked: true}.

react-native-modal - An enhanced, animated and customizable react-native modal

  •    Javascript

An enhanced, animated and customizable react-native modal. The aim of react-native-modal is expanding the original react-native Modal component by adding animations and styles customization options while still providing a plain-simple API.

react-native-swipe-list-view - A React Native ListView component with rows that swipe open and closed

  •    Javascript

Please see the section Migrating To FlatList for all details. Migrating to SectionList is very similar. Please see example.js for a full usage example.

react-swipe-views - A React Component for binded Tabs and Swipeable Views

  •    Javascript

This library is not maintained anymore. Do not use it. It has not been updated since React 0.14 and breaks with versions of React Router higher than 0.13.

react-router-navigation - ⛵️ A complete navigation library for React Native and React Router

  •    Makefile

react-router-navigation is still a work in progress. That means it's extremely likely that you'll encounter issues. Always consider it. react-router-navigation provides tools to navigate between multiple screens with navigators or tab views. This library is based on react-router, react-navigation, and react-native-tab-view.

SJFluidSegmentedControl - A segmented control with custom appearance and interactive animations

  •    Swift

If you are bored with using the default UISegmentedControl, this might save your day. SJFluidSegmentedControl is a customizable segmented control with an interactive transition, written in Swift 3.0 and it is based on LUNSegmentedControl by LunApps which is written in Objective-C. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

react-native-segmented-control-tab - react-native-segmented-control-tab(for Android/iOS)

  •    Javascript

A react native component with the same concept of react native's SegmantedControlIOS, Primarily built to support both IOS and Android.

react-native-spinkit - A collection of animated loading indicators for React Native

  •    Objective-C

A collection of animated loading indicators React native port of SpinKit. Check index.ios.js in the Example folder.

react-native-animated-demo-tinder - React Native "Animated" API demo

  •    Javascript

Simple example of Tinder-style gestures/animations using the new Animated API in React Native. To use in your project, check out this package.

react-swipeable-views - A React component for swipeable views. :snowflake:

  •    Javascript

A React component for swipeable views. Check out the demos from a mobile device (real or emulated). It's tiny (<10 kB gzipped), it quickly renders the first slide, then lazy-loads the others.

react-native-reanimated - React Native's Animated library reimplemented

  •    Javascript

React Native's Animated library reimplemented. It provides a more comprehensive, low level abstraction for the Animated library API to be built on top of and hence allow for much greater flexibility especially when it comes to gesture based interactions.

react-native-conductor - Orchestrate animations across components in one place

  •    Javascript

Not a new animation syntax, but a way to organize your code to make Animated easier to work with. Animation code is condensed into a wrapper component that feeds Animated styles to its children. I wrote this to address the fact that Animated code can get bulky and difficult to coordinate between subcomponents.

react-native-controllers - Native IOS Navigation for React Native (navbar, tabs, drawer)

  •    Objective-C

Without react-native-controllers, iOS skeleton components such as UINavigationController or a side menu drawer are challenging to implement natively. This forces developers to compromise on user experience to use React Native. react-native-controllers simplifies this by re-introducing UIViewController into the React Native stack. If you're already convinced you need this package, you can skip straight to Installation. If not, brace yourself for a long read.

react-spring - 🙌 Helping react-motion and animated to become best friends

  •    Javascript

A set of simple, spring-physics based primitives (as in building blocks) that should cover most of your UI related animation needs once plain CSS can't cope any longer. Forget easings, durations, timeouts and so on as you fluidly move data from one state to another. This isn't meant to solve each and every problem but rather to give you tools flexible enough to confidently cast ideas into moving interfaces. react-spring is a cooked down fork of Christopher Chedeau's animated (which is used in react-native by default). It is trying to bridge it with Cheng Lou's react-motion. Although both are similarily spring-physics based they are still polar opposites.