TYAttributedLabel - TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示

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TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示




Related Projects

M80AttributedLabel - Another attributed label using CoreText

  •    Objective-C

M80AttributedLabel is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Preloader.Ophiuchus - Custom Label to apply animations on whole text or letters.

  •    Objective-C

Custom Label to apply animations on whole text or letters. Alternatively you can directly add all the source files from Ophiuchus to your project.

AttributedLabel - Easy to use, fast, and higher performance than UILabel.

  •    Swift

This is a better performance than UILabel and can be used like a standard UI component. Also, Easier to use than UILabel. Since UIView is inherited instead of UILabel, there is little wasteful processing. It uses the function of TextKit to draw characters.

Attributed - µframework for Attributed strings.

  •    Swift

µframework for Attributed strings. Attributed aims to be a drop in replacement to the current programming interface of NSAttributedString. The existing interface to using attributed strings has a few flaws, namely if you dont know the Key and type of value needed to set a certain attribute, you have spend time checking documentation or the reading the comments for NSAttributedString. Another concern is safety, passing a dictionary of type [String: Any] to the constructor of NSAttributedString is a potential crash at runtime waiting to happen.

MarqueeLabel - A drop-in replacement for UILabel, which automatically adds a scrolling marquee effect when the label's text will not fit inside the specified frame

  •    Objective-C

MarqueeLabel is a UILabel subclass adds a scrolling marquee effect when the text of the label outgrows the available width. The label scrolling direction and speed/rate can be specified as well. All standard UILabel properties (where it makes sense) are available in MarqueeLabel, with the intent of MarqueeLabel behaving just like a UILabel. MarqueeLabel has subspecs for both Objective-C and Swift! Currently, Objective-C is the default subspec.

MMGridView - A simple grid view / dashboard component for iOS

  •    Objective-C

MMGridView is a simple GridView / Dashboard like UI component for iOS. The default cell implementation gives you a background view, a label and background view behind the label. Feel free to create cell subclasses that fit your needs. Copy all files from MMGridView/Classes to your project. Check out the demo project.

KAProgressLabel - Minimal circular progress label

  •    Objective-C

Circular progress label for iOS with styling, animations, interaction and more. A (very) small text can be display at the start and end of the progress arc, via 2 dedicated labels. You can style this label any way you want.

CoreTextToy - iOS CoreText test app

  •    Objective-C

This codebase implements CCoreTextLabel, a UILabel style class that supports attributed strings and simple HTML. IMPORTANT: See https://github.com/schwa/MarkupLabel for a subset of this codebase that provides the same functionality for basic UILabels.

DTCoreText - Methods to allow using HTML code with CoreText

  •    Objective-C

This project aims to duplicate the methods present on Mac OSX which allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS. This is useful for drawing simple rich text like any HTML document without having to use a UIWebView. For text selection and highlighting (as you might need for an Editor or Reader) there is the commercial DTRichTextEditor component which can be purchased in the Cocoanetics Parts Store.

MDHTMLLabel - :link: A lightweight class for rendering text containing HTML tags on iOS 6.0+

  •    Objective-C

MDHTMLLabel is a lightweight, easy to use replacement for UILabel which allows you to fully customize the appearence of the text using HTML (with a few added features thanks to CoreText), as well letting you handle whenever a user taps or holds down on link and automatically detect ones not wrapped in anchor tags. The recommended method of installation is to use CocoaPods which is a dependency manager for Objective-C, that automates and simplifies the process of using 3rd-party libraries in your projects.

react-native-textinput-effects - Text inputs with custom label and icon animations for iOS and android

  •    Javascript

I've come across with those beautiful text inputs created and blogged by Codrops and wanted to port them to react-native. Some of those text fields are now ready to use in iOS and android thanks to react-native. There is also a native iOS library called TextFieldEffects which has built some of them in Swift.

I7CoreTextExample - CoreText Framework Example for iPad (iPhone)

  •    Objective-C

CoreText Framework Example for iPad (iPhone)

FTCoreText - An open source Objective-C interface component that makes use of the CoreText framework to render static text content using a highly customisable markup syntax

  •    Objective-C

An open source Objective-C interface component that makes use of the CoreText framework to render static text content using a highly customisable markup syntax. See the included examples project highlighting various features.

ZJAttributedText - CoreText + 异步绘制 + 链式语法 + 图片缓存

  •    Objective-C

如图所示一篇图文混排, 涉及到字体, 颜色, 字间距, 行间距, 图片对齐, 文字对齐, 描边, 阴影等等属性, 还有网络图片与本地图片的混排, 手势响应, View 与 Layer 的混排, 输出视图需要渐变色背景, 指定高度, 内间距, 圆角等等要求, 算是一个相当复杂的图文混排场景了, 不论使用 TextKit / CoreText 都需要相当的代码量.

SkyFloatingLabelTextField - A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of "Float Label Pattern"

  •    Swift

SkyFloatingLabelTextField is a beautiful, flexible and customizable implementation of the space saving "Float Label Pattern". This design enables adding context to input fields that are visible at the time of typing, while minimizing the additional space used to display this additional context. This component is used in the Skyscanner TravelPro iOS application in several places, like when searching for flights. On top of implementing the space-saving floating title, the component also supports using iconography, RTL text support (e.g. Arabic & Hebrew), various states (error, selected, highlighted states), and is very much customizable and extensible.

Signal-iOS - A private messenger for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.We recommend going through our issues and picking out something with the help wanted label.

DSLCalendarView - Simple calendar view for iOS

  •    Objective-C

DSLCalendar view is an iOS control that displays a calendar similar to the system calendar. It allows the user to select a single date or a date range. DSLCalendarMonthSelectorView is the view displayed above the current month. It contains a label showing the current month and year, labels for the days of the week and buttons to allow the user to navigate to the previous or next month.

Signal-iOS - A private messenger for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends. We recommend going through our issues and picking out something with the help wanted label.

UIFloatLabelTextField - A subclassed UITextField that follows the Float Label UI design pattern.

  •    Objective-C

If you are looking for the UITextView equivalent of this class, please visit my UIFloatLabelTextView repository. In 2013, Matt D. Smith unveiled the Float Label user interface design pattern. In short, it retains a text field's placeholder above said text field as a floating label. This label is brightly colored when the field is active, and dimly colored when a user has finished editing that field.

label.css - Just a simply easy way to label each element you want!

  •    Ruby

Label.css supports both outside and inside positions as the label place. Use the class outside to put the label outside of the element and inside to put it inside. Outside label can goes to top or bottom. Inside mode supports these positions: top, bottom, middle, left and right just adding class with the same class name. Switch to RightToLeft languages by adding class rtl.

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