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BRUH3-Home-Assistant-Configuration - Home Assistant configuration documented on my YouTube channel

  •    Shell

I'm currently running Home Assistant version 0.46.0. My preferred installation method is Hassbian. After downloading the disk image and writing it to an SD card with Etcher, I run the following commands in Putty to install the required prerequisites.

node-openzwave - node.js interface to libopenzwave

  •    C++

This is a node.js add-on which wraps the Open Z-Wave library to provide access to a Z-Wave network from JavaScript. It is currently able to scan a Z-Wave network, report on connected devices, monitor the network for changes, and has rudimentary write support.

goopenzwave - Go bindings for the openzwave library.

  •    Go

Go bindings for the OpenZWave library. This package is still fairly new and so the API is changing pretty rapidly, so be careful if you decide to use it. However, the API will try to mimic the C++ OpenZWave library as much as possible, if it doesn't already, so there shouldn't be many breaking changes.



This repo contains the working Home Assistant configuration for Anchorage House. Below are links to the devices currently being used, blog posts, and other HA enthusists that provided inspiration and configs to help build this config. All of the code is free to use. The configuration was migrated from a old PC to a RaspberryPi 3 back in 2017. The old configutation is stored in branch V1-config for anyone that wants to see the old version.

Zway-EventWatcher - Zway automation module to watch and act upon events

  •    Javascript

This module allows to define logic to act upon events emitted by other automation modules (eg. Rain, SecurityZone, Presence, Astronomy, Season, ConditionSwitch, ...). It is possible to define multiple triggering events and multiple actions to perform. Action steps may have arbitrary delays and consist of multiple actions and custom JavaScript code. It is not possible to use EventWatcher to act upon generic device level change events Use the ConditionSwitch, IfThen, LogicalRules, ... modules to process these events.

Zway-InfluxDbStats - Zway automation module to collect device stats using InfluxDB

  •    Javascript

Store sensor data in InfluxDB instances. Sensor and device data is transfered periodically, as well as every time a change occurs. Since this module uses the new line protocol, it requires at least InfluxDb version 0.9.0.

ioBroker.zwave - Support of openzwave

  •    Javascript

Zwave support with openzwave. For this adapter is used rather good supported npm module: https://github.com/OpenZWave/node-openzwave-shared You should find out what the name has USB port of the Z-Wave stick and setup it in the adapter settings.


  •    Shell

This is my Home Assistant Configuration. I often try new components to help test them for others. I have Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi 2 B with Aeotec Z-Wave Stick (Gen 5).

addon-zwave2mqtt - Z-Wave to MQTT - Community Hass.io Add-on for Home Assistant

  •    Dockerfile

Fully configurable Z-Wave to MQTT gateway and control panel. The Z-Wave to MQTT add-on allows you to decouple your Z-Wave network from your Home Assistant instance by leveraging your MQTT broker. It ships with a web-based control panel, allowing you to configure every aspect of your Z-Wave network and how they are published in MQTT.

Smarthome-homeassistant-config - :house: My Home Assistant (Hass

  •    Javascript

You will probably think, what is Home Assistant!? Well Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. It is able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control. To inspire others I have set up this github and update it regularly with new code. Be free to use code from this repo for your own Home Assistant environment, keep in mind that you can not always copy everything line by line. If you can not get out, you can always contact me.

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