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axon - message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq

  •    Javascript

Axon is a message-oriented socket library for node.js heavily inspired by zeromq. For a light-weight UDP alternative you may be interested in punt.Backed by node-amp-message you may pass strings, objects, and buffers as arguments.

zeromq.node - Node.js bindings to the zeromq library

  •    Javascript

ØMQ bindings for node.js. The same people (and more) who brought you zmq now bring you zeromq, under the official zeromq GitHub organization.

IRkernel - R kernel for Jupyter

  •    Jupyter

Now both R versions are available as an R kernel in the notebook. If you have Jupyter installed, you can create a notebook using IRkernel from the dropdown menu.

Jina - Cloud-native neural search framework for any kind of data

  •    Python

Jina is a neural search framework that empowers anyone to build SOTA & scalable deep learning search applications in minutes. It helps to build solutions for indexing, querying, understanding multi-/cross-modal data such as video, image, text, audio, source code, PDF.

node-logstash - Simple logstash implmentation in nodejs : file log collection, sent with zeromq

  •    Javascript

It's a NodeJS implementation of Logstash. node-logstash is a tool to collect logs on servers. It allows sending its logs to a central server and to ElasticSearch for indexing.

aiozmq - Asyncio (pep 3156) integration with ZeroMQ

  •    Python

asyncio (PEP 3156) support for ZeroMQ.The difference between aiozmq and vanilla pyzmq (zmq.asyncio).

lzmq - Lua binding to ZeroMQ

  •    Lua

Support ZeroMQ version 3.2.x/4.x This library is not dropin replacement for lua-zmq library. This library has C and FFI version of binding.This is short API description. See also exampes from OMQ - The Guide.

node-actorify - Turn any node.js duplex stream into an actor

  •    Javascript

Turn any duplex stream into an actor. Built on the the AMP protocol for opaque binary and javascript argument support.Actors are similar to traditional RPC however they are isolated units of communication, an actor receives and sends zero or more messages to and from its peer with bi-directional messaging. Typical RPC is done at the process-level, meaning in order to work with data coupled with an identifier such as a user id that the id must be passed each request, whereas an actor may retain this state.

node-amp - Abstract message protocol for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Abstract Message Protocol codec and streaming parser for nodejs.AMP is a simple versioned protocol for framed messages containing zero or more "arguments". Each argument is opaque binary, thus you may use JSON, BSON, msgpack and others on top of AMP. Multiple argument support is used to allow a hybrid of binary/non-binary message args without requiring higher level serialization libraries like msgpack or BSON.

node-amp-message - Higher level AMP message manipulation

  •    Javascript

High level AMP Message implementation for manipulating, encoding and decoding AMP messages.Initialize an empty message.

benthos - A persisted message bridge between protocols

  •    Go

Benthos is a messaging bridge service that supports a wide and growing list of input and output protocols, helping you to connect pipeline components across diverse platforms with ease.A range of internal buffer strategies are available, allowing you to select a balance between latency, protection against back pressure and file based persistence, or nothing at all (direct bridge).

seneca-amqp-transport - Official AMQP transport plugin for Seneca

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows seneca listeners and clients to communicate over AMQP.Important: Starting from 2.2.0 this plugin will require the usage of the --harmony flag in order to run in node versions older than LTS (currently 6.x.x).

node-firehose - Create a firehose server from almost anything!

  •    Javascript

Creating a firehose for your data can be a daunting propect. You can create one fairly simply, but there are alot of other factors to take into accont. The firehose server is made up of a few big components. These can mostly be combined in anyway to customise the ways a user connects and authenticates with the server.

zeromq-ng - ⚡️ Next-generation Node.js bindings to the ZeroMQ library

  •    Javascript

The eventual goal of this library is to be merged back into ZeroMQ.js. Support for previous Node.js versions is pending on stabilisation of N-API.

zmq - ZeroMQ based distributed patterns

  •    PHP

Brokers for ZeroMQ from TA:map project used for distributed parsing system. Can be used in single process, several process on single machine or on several machines.


  •    Javascript

A 0mq transport for winston. The message is sent with a variable length prefix that allows the subscribers to subscribe log message of a certain threshold and above.

zmq-stream - A set of stream-based Node bindings for ZeroMQ.

  •    C++

A set of stream-based Node bindings for ZeroMQ. The API is modeled after the streams2 API. Since ZeroMQ is Not a Neutral Carrier, the streams2 Duplex API ZMQStream uses is by message, not by byte. While the Duplex API is carried over in spirit, do not try to read and write as if they're bytestreams, nor should you pipe a bytestream into or out of a ZMQStream Socket.

socket.io-zero - Experimental Hybrid 0MQ/Redis Store for Socket.IO

  •    Javascript

Since Socket.io Stores are actually a combination of dispatch and data store, this more precisely ZeroMQ dispatch and Redis-based persistance. Yes, hack with it.

hhvm-zmq - ZMQ extension for HHVM

  •    C++

ZMQ extension for HHVM. Shall be compatible with existing PHP binding. Please remember that first you need to build HHVM from source. If you need help with that, take a look at HHVM Wiki.

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