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node-archiver - a streaming interface for archive generation

  •    Javascript

Visit the API documentation for a list of all methods available.Archiver ships with out of the box support for TAR and ZIP archives.

node-unzip - node.js cross-platform unzip using streams

  •    Javascript

Streaming cross-platform unzip tool written in node.js. Unzip provides simple APIs similar to node-tar for parsing and extracting zip files. There are no added compiled dependencies - inflation is handled by node.js's built in zlib support. Unzip is also an example use case of node-pullstream.

yauzl - yet another unzip library for node

  •    Javascript

yet another unzip library for node. For zipping, see yazl.See also examples/ for more usage examples.

ZipStream-PHP - Fork of pablotron's zip streaming library.

  •    PHP

You can also add comments, modify file timestamps, and customize (or disable) the HTTP headers. It is also possible to specify the storage method when adding files, the current default storage method is 'deflate' i.e files are stored with Compression mode 0x08. See the class file for details. Please take a look at the CONTRIBUTOR-README.md File.

yazl - yet another zip library for node

  •    Javascript

yet another zip library for node. For unzipping, see yauzl.No parameters. Nothing can go wrong.

node-zip-stream - a streaming zip archive generator

  •    Javascript

zip-stream is a streaming zip archive generator based on the ZipArchiveOutputStream prototype found in the compress-commons project.It was originally created to be a successor to zipstream.

decompress-response - Decompress a HTTP response if needed

  •    Javascript

Decompresses the response from http.request if it's gzipped or deflated, otherwise just passes it through.Used by got.

tuple-stream - zip together two streams into a single stream with aligned pairwise data

  •    Javascript

Here the split module chunks up its input by newlines, sending a separate chunk for each line. The tuple module kicks in and aligns the events by order such that the first event from a is paired with the first event from b and so on.Return a readable stream that zips together the data from readable streams a and b into an array data chunk with [achunk,bchunk].

shp2json - convert shapefile zip archives to streaming GeoJSON

  •    Javascript

Convert shapefile zip archives to streaming GeoJSON using gdal and JSONStream.Uses the gdal native addon for node.js. No compilation required on most platforms as pre-compiled binaries will be downloaded automatically when you run npm install shp2json.

github-archive-stream - Stream an archived github repository.

  •    Javascript

Streams a .tar.gz (or .zip) archive from GitHub using the archive link api. It makes two http requests since the first is always a 30x redirect response. Stream latest master branch of ipfs/go-ipfs to the file 'ipfs.tar.gz'.

express-zip - stream multiple files to the browser as a single zip, in pure node

  •    Javascript

express-zip allows you to do res.zip(files) in express, without creating any intermediary files on disk, and in 100% pure node. Borrows heavily from nulltask's express-csv, uses ctalkington's zip-stream for the actual zipping.

node-stream-zip - node.js library for fast reading of large ZIPs

  •    Javascript

node.js library for reading and extraction of ZIP archives