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nar - node

  •    LiveScript

Idiomatic application packager utility for node.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run.nar provides built-in support for creating, extracting, installing and running applications easily from a simple configuration through a featured command-line interface or evented programmatic API.

grunt-contrib-compress - Compress files and folders.

  •    Javascript

This plugin was designed to work with Grunt >= 0.4.x. If you're still using grunt v0.3.x it's strongly recommended that you upgrade, but in case you can't please use v0.3.2. Run this task with the grunt compress command.

grunt-zip - Zip and unzip files via a grunt plugin

  •    Javascript

This was created for dependency management via grunt-curl and grunt-zip as a low-tech alternative to bower and similar solutions.

decompress-zip - Module that decompresses zip files

  •    Javascript

Extracts the contents of the ZIP archive file. Returns an EventEmitter with two possible events - error on an error, and extract when the extraction has completed. The value passed to the extract event is a basic log of each file and how it was compressed.

ZipArchive - A single-class pure VB6 library for zip with ASM speed

  •    VB

Method Extract can optionally filter on file mask (e.g. Filter:="*.doc"), file index (e.g. Filter:=15) or array of booleans with each entry to decompress index set to True. Sample utility function ReadBinaryFile in /test/basic/Form1.frm returns byte array with file's content.

lzbase62 - LZ77(LZSS) based compression algorithm in base62 for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

LZ77(LZSS) based compression algorithm in base62 for JavaScript. The compressed result will be a string in base 62 (0-9A-Za-z) characters. This is useful when storing the large data in a size limited storage (e.g., localStorage, cookie etc.).