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electron-python-example - Electron as GUI of Python Applications

  •    Javascript

This post shows how to use Electron as the GUI component of Python applications. (Updated version of one of my previous posts.) The frontend and backend communicate with each other using zerorpc. The complete code is on GitHub repo. The following are copied from my original post. They should be the same. If there are inconsistencies, the README.md on the GitHub repo is more accurate.

zerorpc-node - zerorpc for node.js

  •    Javascript

ZeroRPC is a communication layer for distributed systems. zerorpc-node is a port of the original ZeroRPC for node.js. We have full client and server support for version 3 of the protocol, and clients/servers written in the Python version can communicate transparently with those written in node.js. This project is in alpha. Make sure you have ZeroMQ installed.