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highlander - soft landing for high speed data

  •    Clojure

Highlander is taking on the "lightings" of data at high speeds and stores this data with the speed that a data store feels comfortable with. where "Non blocking I/O", "Queue" and "Data Store" pieces are pluggable.

socket.io-zero - Experimental Hybrid 0MQ/Redis Store for Socket.IO

  •    Javascript

Since Socket.io Stores are actually a combination of dispatch and data store, this more precisely ZeroMQ dispatch and Redis-based persistance. Yes, hack with it.

message-queue - a standard interface to access message queues

  •    Javascript

a standard interface to access different message queues. Both the publisher and the subscriber are event emitters. Currently supports redis and amqp, e.g. RabbitMQ. Channels are streams so you can pipe to them.

paStash - pastaʃ'ʃ = Spaghetti I/O Event Data Processing, Interpolation, Correlation and beyond :spaghetti:

  •    Javascript

PaStasH (pastaʃ'ʃ-utta) is a NodeJS multi I/O processor supporting ingestion, decoding, interpolation and correlation of data - be it logs, packets, events and beyond. PaStash supports the Logstash configuration format and delivers cross-functionality comparable to "Beats" with custom modules, providing a flexible and agnostig data pipelining tool. paStash configuration is compatible with logstash. You can easily replace a logstash node by a paStash one in most cases. The data are formatted in the same way to be compatible with logstash UIs.