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deployer - Deployer is a free and open source deployment tool.

  •    PHP

Deployer is a PHP Application deployment system powered by Laravel 5.5, written & maintained by Stephen Ball. Check out the releases, license, screenshots and contribution guidelines.

criu - Checkpoint/Restore tool

  •    C

CRIU (stands for Checkpoint and Restore in Userspace) is a utility to checkpoint/restore Linux tasks. Using this tool, you can freeze a running application (or part of it) and checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from the point it was frozen at. The distinctive feature of the CRIU project is that it is mainly implemented in user space. There are some more projects doing C/R for Linux, and so far CRIU appears to be the most feature-rich and up-to-date with the kernel.

pglogical - Logical Replication extension for PostgreSQL 9

  •    C

The pglogical extension provides logical streaming replication for PostgreSQL, using a publish/subscribe model. It is based on technology developed as part of the BDR project (http://2ndquadrant.com/BDR). To use pglogical the provider and subscriber must be running PostgreSQL 9.4 or newer.

graceful-shutdown-spring-boot - Graceful Shutdown with Spring Boot (Demo)

  •    Kotlin

In a modern world, we expect webapps to always be available. Yet, deployments trigger downtimes, which is why we're talking about zero downtime.Yeah, it's easy to put a proxy in front of your services and let it balance across multiple instances of your service. Now you can take them down one at a time, and deploy your fancy new version.

hapi-graceful-pm2 - hapi plugin to handle graceful pm2 reloads

  •    Javascript

This is a hapi plugin to handle true zero downtime reloads when issuing a pm2 reload command. When using this plugin and calling 'pm2 reload', the 'SIGINT' message will be intercepted and will wait for hapi to drain all connections before exiting the worker. This will ensure any in progress requests are completed before exiting. Whilst waiting, no new requests will be forwarded to the worker.

zdd-lab - DC/OS Zero Downtime Deployments Lab

  •    Shell

This Zero Downtime Deployments (ZDD) lab aims at providing an introduction to DC/OS service deployments. It serves as a step-wise guide how to deploy new versions of a DC/OS service without causing downtimes. Throughout the ZDD lab we will be using simpleservice, a simple test service, allowing us to simulate certain behaviour such as reporting a certain version and health check delays.

nginx-c-function - It is a NGINX module that allow you to link your

  •    C

It is a NGINX module that allow you to link your .so(c/c++) application in server context and call the function of .so application in location directive. nginx-c-function is a nginx module which allow to link the .so(c/c++) application in nginx config, and call the function of .so file in location context area. Therefore, you could direct link your C/C++ application to nginx server.

clu - A nodejs cluster manager.

  •    Javascript

A cluster manager with a built in CLI and a simple API for plugins. clu will spawn the requested number of workers, which will share the same port. This way the load gets distributed across all workers and multiple cores can be used effectively. It uses the node cluster API to do this. Inspired by cluster.

cf-blue-green - zero-downtime deployment for Cloud Foundry applications

  •    Shell

Note: if your application's manifest is "complete", use Autopilot instead. More info below, in the Autopilot README, and in this Issue. Allows zero-downtime deployments of applications within Cloud Foundry, with no additional setup needed.