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Zappa - Serverless Python Web Services

  •    Python

With a traditional HTTP server, the server is online 24/7, processing requests one by one as they come in. If the queue of incoming requests grows too large, some requests will time out. With Zappa, each request is given its own virtual HTTP "server" by Amazon API Gateway. AWS handles the horizontal scaling automatically, so no requests ever time out. Each request then calls your application from a memory cache in AWS Lambda and returns the response via Python's WSGI interface. After your app returns, the "server" dies.

lambda-packages - Various popular python libraries, pre-compiled to be compatible with AWS Lambda

  •    Shell

Various popular libraries, pre-compiled to be compatible with AWS Lambda. This project is intended for use by Zappa, but could also be used by any Python/Lambda project.

NoDB - NoDB isn't a database.. but it sort of looks like one.

  •    Python

NoDB an incredibly simple, Pythonic object store based on Amazon's S3 static file storage. Initial load test with Goad of 10,000 requests (500 concurrent) with a write and subsequent read of the same index showed an average time of 400ms. This should be more than acceptable for many applications, even those which don't have sparse data, although that is preferred.

zappa-slack-inviter - A server-less Slack inviter

  •    HTML

A teeny tiny server-less Slack channel inviter. Then add your token and channel settings into app.py using your favorite text editor, then zappa init and zappa deploy.



This repository contains a CentOS 7.4 box for Vagrant. Python 3.5 and 3.6 are installed alongside the system Python (2.7.5). The Vagrant config uses Ansible roles to configure the box for the development environment, that should also be (mostly) suitable for setting up a production server. Cookiecutter, virtualenvwrapper, and Pygments are installed with the system Python. PostgreSQL 10 is installed locally, server and all for full-stack local development. MS SQL is also supported as a Django database backend with the FreeTDS ODBC Driver to an external SQL Server.

zappa-dashing - Monitor your AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment in different regions with a health dashboard

  •    CSS

Monitor your AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment in different regions with a health dashboard. Note: Since AWS Lambda does not support Python 3 yet, we have to use Python 2(.7) when working with the Flask app resp. deploying it with the help of zappa.

indiepaper - A "read later" service for the IndieWeb using Micropub

  •    Python

A "read later" service for Micropub and Microsub servers. If you spend a lot of your time in an indie reader like Together, Indigenous, or Monocle, you may want to save articles into a "read later" queue.

zappa-s3-signature - Sign AJAX/CORS requests on AWS Lambda for direct browser to S3 uploads

  •    Jupyter

As I've been experimenting with AWS Lambda, I've found the need to accept file uploads from the browser in order to kick off asynchronous Lambda functions. For example, allowing a user to directly upload in an S3 bucket from the browser, which would trigger a Lambda function for image processing. This walkthrough will cover deploying an SSL-encrypted S3 signature microservice and integrating it with the browser-based Fine Uploader component. In an upcoming post, I will show how to take the file uploads and process them with an additional Lambda function triggered by new files in an S3 bucket.

terraform-aws-zappa - Create a AWS VPC with associated resources for use with Zappa

  •    HCL

Please see them for the motivations behind this module. The instructions below will walk you through deploying a Django application with terraform and Zappa.

git-trophy - 🏆 Create a 3D Printed Model of Your Github Contributions

  •    Javascript

GitTrophy uses React, Redux, react-three-renderer, and react-semantic-ui on the frontend. On the backend, GitTrophy has a Zappa-powered AWS Lambda API to scrape Github contribution data.

Building-Serverless-Python-Web-Services-with-Zappa - Building Serverless Python Web Services with Zappa, published by Packt

  •    Python

This is the code repository for Building Serverless Python Web Services with Zappa, published by Packt. Serverless applications are becoming very popular these days, not just because they save developers the trouble of managing the servers, but also because they provide several other benefits such as cutting heavy costs and improving the overall performance of the application.

gdq-collector - 📥 Data Collection Utilities for GamesDoneQuick

  •    Python

gdq_collector uses APScheduler its schedule and execute the scraping / refreshing tasks. The Lambda applications use Zappa for deployment.

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