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fashion-mnist - A MNIST-like fashion product database. Benchmark :point_right:

  •    Python

Fashion-MNIST is a dataset of Zalando's article images—consisting of a training set of 60,000 examples and a test set of 10,000 examples. Each example is a 28x28 grayscale image, associated with a label from 10 classes. We intend Fashion-MNIST to serve as a direct drop-in replacement for the original MNIST dataset for benchmarking machine learning algorithms. It shares the same image size and structure of training and testing splits.

zalando-howto-open-source - Open Source guidance from Zalando, Europe's largest online fashion platform


A guide to releasing an open-source project at Zalando, Europe's largest online fashion platform. Please feel free to use this as a template for your own organization's open source planning, policymaking, and development efforts. If there's a topic we've missed, or if you have any suggestions for making this better, let us know via our Issues tracker.We're really grateful to Software Lead Weekly, cron.weekly, Chris Aniszczyk (TODO Group), the folks at Datio Engineering, Thomas Lockney of Nike, Jamie Allen at Starbucks, Richard Seroter at Pivotal, Peter Zaitsev at Percona, Jonathan Lipps at Sauce Labs, and others for spreading the word about this doc.

Restful API Guidelines - A model set of guidelines for RESTful APIs, created by Zalando

  •    Javascript

Great RESTful APIs look like they were designed by a single team. This promotes API adoption, reduces friction, and enables clients to use them properly. To build APIs that meet this standard, and to answer many common questions encountered along the way of RESTful API development, the Zalando Tech team has created this comprehensive set of guidelines. We have shared it with you to inspire additional discussion and refinement within and among your teams, and contribute our learnings and suggestions to the tech community at large.

ghe-backup - A Github Enterprise backup approach based on Docker and multiple AWS accounts

  •    Python

Zalando Tech's Github Enterprise backup approach.Github Enterprise at Zalando Tech is a Ha setup running master and replica instances on AWS. The AWS account that runs the high availability setup also runs one backup host. There is a second backup host running in a different AWS account. We believe this backup gives us reliable backup data even in case one AWS is compromised.

remora - Kafka consumer lag-checking application for monitoring, written in Scala and Akka HTTP; a wrap around the Kafka consumer group command

  •    Scala

Remora is a monitoring utility for Apache Kafka that provides consumer lag checking as a service. An HTTP endpoint is provided to request consumer group information on demand. Combining this with a time series database like KairosDB it is possible to graph your consumer group status; see remora fetcher for an example of this. We created Remora after spending some time using Linkedin's burrow application for monitoring consumer lag and experiencing some performance problems. Remora provides the Kafka consumer group command as an HTTP endpoint.

authmosphere - A library to support OAuth2 workflows in JavaScript projects

  •    TypeScript

{authmosphere} is a library to support and test OAuth 2.0 workflows in JavaScript projects. It's implemented in TypeScript which improves the development experience via implicit documentation with types and first-class IDE support. The library itself is transpiled to JavaScript (ES6) so there is no need for a TypeScript compiler to use authmosphere in JavaScript projects.

kube-metrics-adapter - General purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes HPA metrics

  •    Go

Kube Metrics Adapter is a general purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes that can collect and serve custom and external metrics for Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. It discovers Horizontal Pod Autoscaling resources and starts to collect the requested metrics and stores them in memory. It's implemented using the custom-metrics-apiserver library.

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