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morton-page - Morton order page index for multidimensional arrays

  •    Javascript

A data structure for maintaining a list of pages keyed by Morton order (also known as z-order or interleaving). Creates a z-order page store.

fz - Cli shell plugin, the missing fuzzy tab completion feature of z

  •    Shell

A shell plugin that seamlessly adds fuzzy search to tab completion of z, lets you easy to jump around among your historical directories. Not any additional key binding is needed. Currently supports Bash and zsh. By simply sourcing corresponding script file for your shell, you're all set. However, this plugin is sitting on top of z and fzf, so you must have them installed as well.

is-undo-redo - check if a key event is undo or redo

  •    Javascript

Check if a key event is undo or redo. This uses Cmd+Z or Ctrl+Z for undo, and Cmd+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z for redo. If no style is specified, both will be accepted.

z.vim - Help jumping to the most used directories in vim.

  •    Vim

Help jumping to the most used directories in vim. This plugin make vim work with z. So you need to install https://github.com/rupa/z first.

z - Pure-fish z directory jumping

  •    Shell

z is a fish port of z. z tracks the directories you visit. With a combination of frequency and recency, it enables you to jump to the directory in mind.

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