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EverVim - A Modern, Powerful & Modular Vim Distribution

  •    Vim

EverVim is the ultimate vim distribution that supports NeoVim, Vim, GVim and MacVim. It ships with tons of powerful features through vim plugins, which makes it easy to get started for both newcomers and experienced users. The distribution is completely customizable using a ~/.EverVim.vimrc Vim config files.

ycm-elixir - Enhanced (improved) Elixir syntax identifiers regexp for YouCompleteMe (vim plugin)

  •    Python

UPDATE: I don't think this plugin is needed now, slashmili/alchemist.vim is working fine with YouCompleteme.


  •    Vim

Building vim editor in Linux into an effective C/C++ programming IDE, supporting YouCompleteMe as a code-completion engine. I think you should read the docs of these plugins and .vimrc to use them efficiently.


  •    Vim

CompleteParameter is a plugin for complete function's parameters after complete a function. If you like this plugin, please star it.