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tolkien - Passwords are obsolete - Send one time tokens for authentication instead.

  •    Javascript

Passwords are obsolete. If you haven't read this blog post yet, it should be the first thing you do today. It's the concept which made this module a reality. `tolkien implements one time token authorization which renders passwords obsolete. Instead of signing in to a service using a username and password you sign in using a token that get's send to you using (email, sms, whatever) and once click the link/use the token you're authenticated. That's it.

parrot-bot - 🐧 A parrot-like bot you can talk with.

  •    Javascript

A parrot-like bot you can talk with. You can talk to the Parrot, by visiting parrot.ionicabizau.net. See below how to use it.

fuckyou - Kill any process (╯°□°)╯︵ ssǝɔoɹd

  •    Javascript

Based on this gist: https://gist.github.com/stojanovic/a4b99d3f2ed46a868fcd. Run npm test, but make sure you have ruby installed.

A-Joke - :clown_face: A-Joke { 一个笑话,目的就是能够在工作之余博君一笑,尽得人生笑开颜 }

  •    Python

:clown_face: A-Joke { 一个笑话,目的就是能够在工作之余博君一笑,尽得人生笑开颜 }