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keras-yolo2 - Easy training on custom dataset

  •    Jupyter

This repo contains the implementation of YOLOv2 in Keras with Tensorflow backend. It supports training YOLOv2 network with various backends such as MobileNet and InceptionV3. Links to demo applications are shown below. Check out https://experiencor.github.io/yolo_demo/demo.html for a Raccoon Detector demo run entirely in brower with DeepLearn.js and MobileNet backend (it somehow breaks in Window). Source code of this demo is located at https://git.io/vF7vG.

pytorch-yolo2 - Convert https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/ into pytorch

  •    Python

Convert https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/ into pytorch. This repository is trying to achieve the following goals. We get the results by using Focal Loss to replace CrossEntropyLoss in RegionLosss.

pytorch-caffe-darknet-convert - convert between pytorch, caffe prototxt/weights and darknet cfg/weights

  •    Python

This repository is specially designed for pytorch-yolo2 to convert pytorch trained model to any platform. It can also be used as a common model converter between pytorch, caffe and darknet. MIT License (see LICENSE file).

satellite-image-object-detection - YOLO/YOLOv2 inspired deep network for object detection on satellite images (Tensorflow, Numpy, Pandas)

  •    Python

The dataset is/was available on https://www.datasciencechallenge.org/challenges/1/safe-passage/ . preprocess.py lets you transform the 2000x2000 images into 250x250 images and a CSV file with all the objects annotations. The dataset contains only the position of the center of the objects (no bounding boxes). A bounding box is generated. It's just a square centered on the provided position (x,y). The size of the square varies depending on the type of vehicle. We're using 8 object classes: Motorcycle, Light short rear, Light long rear, Dark short rear, Dark long rear, Red short rear, Red long rear, Light van. Other types of vehicles are ignored.

mxnet-yolo - YOLO: You only look once real-time object detector

  •    Python

Still under development. 71 mAP(darknet) and 74mAP(resnet50) on VOC2007 achieved so far. This is a pre-released version.

GOLOv2 - YOLOv2 for Golang

  •    Go

This projects implements the yolov2 (https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolov2/) RegionLayer in Go. It is heavily inspired by duangenquan's C++-RegionLayer implementation (https://github.com/duangenquan/YoloV2NCS). This projects makes use of gocv (https://gocv.io) and go-ncs (https://github.com/hybridgroup/go-ncs/), both from hybridgroup (https://github.com/hybridgroup).