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yarp - YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform

  •    C++

YARP is a library and toolkit for communication and device interfaces, used on everything from humanoids to embedded devices. Regular YARP builds use the ACE library. On Linux and macOS, YARP can be compiled without ACE by adding -DSKIP_ACE=TRUE when running cmake.

gazebo-yarp-plugins - Plugins to interface Gazebo with YARP.

  •    C++

The gazebo-yarp-plugins are a set of Gazebo plugins that expose YARP interfaces for robot simulated in Gazebo. The main design objective for the gazebo-yarp-plugins is to provide the exact same interfaces that can be found in real world YARP-powered robot in the Gazebo simulation, to ensure that YARP-based software can run with no modifications both in simulation and on the real robots. For installing and using the plugins, check the main page of the documentation.

icub-models - Repository containing models generated by https://github

  •    CMake

Repository containing models automatically generated from the CAD file by icub-model-generator. The model in the repo can be used either directly from the repo, or by installing them.

wb-toolbox - Simulink Toolbox for rapid prototyping of Whole Body Robot Controllers

  •    C++

This toolbox allows non-programming experts and researchers approaching Whole Body Control to more easily develop controllers on either simulated or real YARP-based robotic platforms. Develop to deployment time is minimized by exploiting the rich variety of Simulink's toolboxes and its capabilities on rapid prototyping and visual debugging. Visit the WB-Toolbox Website for more informations.

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