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go-ast-book - :books: 《Go语法树入门——开启自制编程语言和编译器之旅》(开源免费图书/Go语言进阶/掌握抽象语法树/Go语言AST/凹语言)

  •    Go

:books: 《Go语法树入门——开启自制编程语言和编译器之旅》(开源免费图书/Go语言进阶/掌握抽象语法树/Go语言AST/凹语言)

language - A fast PEG parser written in JavaScript with first class errors

  •    Objective-J

Language.js is an experimental new parser based on PEG (Parsing Expression Grammar), with the special addition of the "naughty OR" operator to handle errors in a unique new way. It makes use of memoization to achieve linear time parsing speed, and support for automatic cut placement is coming to maintain mostly constant space as well (for a discussion of cut operators see: www.ialab.cs.tsukuba.ac.jp/~mizusima/publications/paste513-mizushima.pdf). The most unique addition Language.js makes to PEG is how it handles errors. No parse ever fails in Language.js, instead SyntaxErrorNodes are placed into the resultant tree. This makes it trivial to do things like write syntax highlighters that have live error reporting. This also means that Language.js is very competent at handling multiple errors (as opposed to aborting on the first one that is reached).

vim-goyacc - Vim filetype support for goyacc

  •    Vim

vim-goyacc is a filetype support for goyacc. It provides standard YACC syntax highlight and Go syntax highlight inside semantic action {...}. Default YACC syntax highlight attempts to highlight the semantic action as C or C++, though.

jscc - JS/CC LALR(1) Parser Generator: A LALR(1) Parser Generator for JavaScript written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

JS/CC is the first available parser development system for JavaScript and ECMAScript-derivates. It has been developed, both, with the intention of building a productive compiler development system and with the intention of creating an easy-to-use academic environment for people interested in how parse table generation is done generally in bottom-up parsing. JS/CC brings a lex/yacc-like toolchain into the world of ECMAScript.

vscode-lex-flex-yacc-bison - Syntax highlighting for Lex, Flex, Yacc and Bison in VSCode.

  •    Javascript

Syntax highlighting for Lex, Flex, Yacc and Bison. Lex and Yacc can generate program fragments that solve the first task.

lesscpy - Python LESS compiler

  •    Python

Python LESS Compiler. A compiler written in Python for the LESS language. For those of us not willing or able to have node.js installed in our environment. Not all features of LESS are supported (yet). Some features wil probably never be supported (JavaScript evaluation). This program uses PLY (Python Lex-Yacc) to tokenize / parse the input and is considerably slower than the NodeJS compiler. The plan is to utilize this to build in proper syntax checking and perhaps YUI compressing.


  •    Go

Package phpdoc defines the common AST constructed by every parser. Package phpdoctest contains test cases that are used to test every parser.

tinylang - Tiny玩具语言(Go语言实现/包含Tiny编译器/CASL汇编器/COMET虚拟机/调试器)

  •    Go


grmtools - Rust grammar tool libraries and binaries

  •    Rust

grmtools is a suite of Rust libraries and binaries for parsing text, both at compile-time, and run-time. Most users will probably be interested in the compile-time Yacc feature, which allows traditional .y files to be used (mostly) unchanged in Rust. For more information on how to use this library please refer to the grmtools book, which also includes a more detailed quickstart guide.

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