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cake - Cake (C# Make) is a cross platform build automation system.

Cake (C# Make) is a build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages.You can read the latest documentation at https://cakebuild.net/.

fluentassertions - Fluent Assertions is a set of

Fluent Assertions is a set of .NET extension methods that allow you to more naturally specify the expected outcome of a TDD or BDD-style test. We currently use it in all our internal and client projects, and it is used in many open-source projects. It runs on .NET 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, CoreClr, .NET Native, Windows 8.1, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8.0 and UWP. It supports the unit test frameworks MSTest, MSTest2, NUnit, XUnit, MBUnit, Gallio, NSpec and MSpec.


xUnitForms is a xUnit extension for unit and acceptance testing of Windows Forms applications. It makes you easier for writing automated tests for your Windows Forms classes. It's developed in C# 3.5, xUnit 1.1 and referred to NUnitForms.

tsUnit - TypeScript Unit Testing Framework

tsUnit is a unit testing framework for TypeScript, written in TypeScript. It allows you to encapsulate your test functions in classes and modules.

devices.xunit - xUnit.net Runners for Devices

These runners enable xUnit.net tests to run on iOS and Android devices with Xamarin and on any UWP device.The xUnit.net Device Runners are a sub-project of xUnit.net under the .NET Foundation. It is licensed under the Apache 2 license, which is approved by the OSI.

xamarinstudio.xunit - xUnit.net support for Xamarin Studio

Integrates xUnit.NET into the MonoDevelop / Visual Studio for Mac IDE.The history about the development of this extension can be found here.

FsUnit - FsUnit makes unit-testing with F# more enjoyable

FsUnit is a set of libraries that makes unit-testing with F# more enjoyable. It adds a special syntax to your favorite .NET testing framework. FsUnit currently supports NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit, and MsTest.GitHub makes collaboration very easy. To get involved with FsUnit, simply follow the directions provided by GitHub to fork this repository, then implement lots of cool stuff, and finally send a pull request.

ChainingAssertion - Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods and Dynamic Private Accessor for MSTest, NUnit, xUnit

easy to write, you can use only one method.if you want to use CollectionAssert Methods then use Linq to Objects and Is.

jsonnetunit - Unit testing framework for Jsonnet

Jsonnetunit is a unit test framework for Jsonnet. Then, just evaluate your test file with jsonnet.

junit-report-builder - Aimed at making it easier to build Jenkins compatible JUnit XML reports in plugins for testing frameworks

A project aimed at making it easier to build Jenkins compatible XML based JUnit reports. Please refer to the e2e_spec.coffee for more details on the usage.

resharper-xunit-templates - ReSharper Live Templates for xUnit.net

This extension adds various Live Templates for xUnit.net to ReSharper. Check out the README for details on the available templates.


SpecFlow.xUnitAdapter is an xUnit adapter for SpecFlow that allows running scenarios without code generation. See my blog post (http://gasparnagy.com/2017/04/specflow-without-code-behind-files/) for more information and background, you can also look at the complete example at https://github.com/gasparnagy/SpecFlow.xUnitAdapter/tree/master/sample/MyCalculator or watch the video demo on YouTube.