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Rippled - Decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain daemon implementing the XRP Ledger in C++

  •    C++

Ripple is a network of computers which use the Ripple consensus algorithm to atomically settle and record transactions on a secure distributed database, the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL). Because of its distributed nature, the RCL offers transaction immutability without a central operator. The RCL contains a built-in currency exchange and its path-finding algorithm finds competitive exchange rates across order books and currency pairs.

ripple-dev-portal - Ripple developer portal with documentation and examples

  •    CSS

The Ripple Developer Portal is the authoritative source for Ripple documentation, including the rippled server, RippleAPI, the Ripple Data API, and other Ripple open-source software.The HTML pages in this portal are generated from the markdown files in the content/ folder. Always edit the markdown files, not the HTML files. The assets/ folder contains static files used by the site's templates. The img folder contains images used in the docs.

xrpvalue.com - http://xrpvalue.com website

  •    Javascript

Pull requests are more then welcome. Please feel free to use github issue tracker to report issues and make suggestions. I will check them all.

ilp-sdk - Stream Interledger payments between Lightning, Ethereum and XRP

  •    TypeScript

The SDK is built around the concept of an uplink, which is a relationship with a connector, or money router, using a particular settlement mechanism. Any number of uplinks can be configured, with different private keys/accounts on the base ledger, connected to different connectors. By default, the SDK connects to the Kava testnet connector; user-defined connectors will be supported in the near future. However, Kava's connector configuration is open-source, enabling you to run a local connector for development.

switch - Interledger wallet for non-custodial crypto trading and streaming payments

  •    Vue

Switch is the fastest, most secure way to swap cryptocurrencies. Recent developments in blockchain scaling enable lightning-fast swaps, interoperability across blockchains, and complete self-custody of assets. Download the latest release for Mac, Windows, and Linux here.

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