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SIMDxorshift - Fast random number generators: Vectorized (SIMD) version of xorshift128+

  •    C

Xorshift are a family of pseudo-random number generators (RNG) invented by Marsaglia.We present a vectorized version of xorshift128+, a popular random-number generator part of this family. It is written in C. The implementation uses Intel's SIMD instructions and is based on Vigna's original (pure C) implementation.

xorshift - Random number generator using xorshift128+

  •    Javascript

This module exports a default pseudo random generator. This generators seed have already been set (using Date.now()). If this is not suitable a custom generator can be initialized using the constructor function xorshift.constructor. In both cases random numbers can be generated using the two methods .random and .randomint. This method returns a random 64-bit double, with its value in the range [0, 1). That means 0 is inclusive and 1 is exclusive. This is equivalent to Math.random().

granderl - Fast-and-loose PRNG NIF

  •    C

Experiments in fast "random" number generation for Erlang; though they have the same interface as rand:uniform/1, think of them more like phash2/2 with a timestamp -- not really random, but fast (hopefully). Specifically, some of the PRNGs here use methods that are known to be biased. They are not suitably for any application which assumes uniformity. They are also not guaranteed to produce uncorrelated streams when used in parallel.

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