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movim_docker - Official Docker Compose stack for Movim, maintained by @OpusVL.

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Movim is a decentralized social network, written in PHP and HTML5 and based on the XMPP standard protocol. You can find the official repository and download the source code here. This repository purely contains a Docker Compose solution to get the client quickly set up anywhere. Running this docker-compose file will build a stack comprising an nginx container, a PHP container (where Movim itself resides) and a PostgreSQL container. This setup assumes that you already have an XMPP server such as ejabberd or Prosody running somewhere else.

docker-ejabberd - Dockerfile for Ejabberd server

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Dockerfile to build an ejabberd container image. Since version 16.12, ejabberd has it's own docker container based on the work of this container included in the source tree. See more in this blogpost. We can expect more work on this in the future.

xmppserver-docker - Kontalk server Docker images

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Here you may find a few scripts and files to build a Kontalk container (actually 3 containers) for running a Kontalk server. Setup a new user account (or use an existing one, root is not needed and not recommended) on a system with Docker installed and enabled. The user account should be part of the docker group so it will be able to use Docker.