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JSON-java - A reference implementation of a JSON package in Java

  •    Java

A reference implementation of a JSON package in Java. The files in this package implement JSON encoders/decoders in Java. It also includes the capability to convert between JSON and XML, HTTP headers, Cookies, and CDL.

blackmagic - 🎩 Automagically Convert XML to JSON an JSON to XML

  •    Javascript

Given a character string of ‘XML’, an ‘xml2’ or ‘XML’ package document, or a ‘URL’ to retrieve XML content from, convert said ‘XML’ to ‘JSON’ using the ‘xml-js’ ‘npm’ library https://www.npmjs.com/package/xml-js by Yousuf Almarzooqi. Also handles the reverse (e.g. ‘JSON’ to ‘XML’). Please reconsider your apparent desire to use this package.

jxon - lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation

  •    Javascript

A complete, bidirectional, JXON (lossless JavaScript XML Object Notation) library. Packed as UMD. Implementation of Mozilla's JXON code. Head over to MDN for Documentation.