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one - OpenNebula cloud management platform

  •    C++

OpenNebula is an open-source project delivering a simple but feature-rich and flexible solution to build and manage enterprise clouds and virtualized data centers.

node-xmlrpc - A pure JavaScript XML-RPC client and server for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

The xmlrpc module is a pure JavaScript XML-RPC server and client for node.js. Pure JavaScript means that the XML parsing and XML building use pure JavaScript libraries, so no extra C dependencies or build requirements. The xmlrpc module can be used as an XML-RPC server, receiving method calls and responding with method responses, or as an XML-RPC client, making method calls and receiving method responses, or as both.

necessary-evil - XML-RPC implemented as Ring HTTP handlers for Clojure

  •    Clojure

I no longer have time to maintain this project in a timely manner and am looking for someone to take over. If you are interested please contact me. necessary-evil is an implementation of XML-RPC built on top of the ring http library for Clojure. XML-RPC is a bit nasty, but it is the basis of a number of other standards such as certain blogging APIs and Ping Back.

WordPressSharp - A C# client to to interact with the WordPress XML-RPC API

  •    CSharp

I'm working on a Nuget package once I'm done mapping all the WP XML-RPC endpoints. As an alternative you can use the WordPressSiteConfig class to store configuration settings.


  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js wrapper for Webfaction's XML-RPC API. It's currently incomplete but functional for the parts of the API it supports (listed below). Use at your own risk. Be careful with destructive operations.

phpxmlrpc - A php library for building xmlrpc clients and servers

  •    PHP

A php library for building xml-rpc clients and servers. The recommended way to install this library is using Composer.

xml-rpc-rs - XML-RPC for Rust

  •    Rust

This crate provides a simple implementation of the XML-RPC specification in stable Rust using xml-rs and reqwest. Please refer to the changelog to see what changed in the last releases.

homematic-manager - Configuration Tool for HomeMatic interface processes (rfd, hs485d, hmipserver/crRFD, Homegear)

  •    Javascript

Version 2: alpha - work in progress, unfertig und voller Bugs. Umbau als Electron-App. Der Homematic Manager ist ein Konfigurationswerkzeug für HomeMatic-Schnittstellenprozesse (rfd, hs485d, hmipserver/crRFD und Homegear).

Wordpress-XMLRPC-Brute-Force-Exploit - Wordpress XMLRPC System Multicall Brute Force Exploit (0day) by 1N3 @ CrowdShield

  •    Python

This is an exploit for Wordpress xmlrpc.php System Multicall function affecting the most current version of Wordpress (3.5.1). The exploit works by sending 1,000+ auth attempts per request to xmlrpc.php in order to "brute force" valid Wordpress users and will iterate through whole wordlists until a valid user response is acquired. It will then selectively acquire and display the valid username and password to login. This software is free to distribute, modify and use with the condition that credit is provided to the creator (1N3@CrowdShield) and is not for commercial use.

ioBroker.hm-rpc - Connects HomeMatic Interface-Processes to ioBroker

  •    Javascript

Homematic Address is the IP of the HomeMatic CCU respectively the Host that is running the BidCos-Service(s). CCU IP address. CCU Port.