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anvil - Minimal UI library for Android inspired by React

  •    Java

Anvil is a small Java library for creating reactive user interfaces. Originally inspired by React, it suits well as a view layer for MVVM or Redux design patterns. ¹Reflection is still used to inflate views once (standard XML inflater does the same thing, so no performance loss here).

FlexLib - FlexLib is a framework for creating native iOS applications using xml file, similar to Android and

  •    Objective-C

FlexLib is an Objective-C layout framework for iOS. It's based on flexbox model which is standard for web layout. So the layout capability is powerful and easy to use. With FlexLib, you can write iOS UI much faster than before, and there are better adaptability.

flixel-ui - GUI library for HaxeFlixel

  •    Haxe

A test project is available in flixel-demos. You should really, really, check it out. It has a lot of inline documentation in the xml files and showcases some complex and subtle features. Provided you've set up your XML layout correctly, flixel-ui will fetch that xml file and auto-generate a _ui:FlxUI member variable.