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react-native-windows - A framework for building native UWP and WPF apps with React.

  •    CSharp

React Native platform extensions for the Universal Windows Platform.

The-Forge - The Forge Cross-Platform Rendering Framework PC, Linux, Ray Tracing, macOS / iOS, Android, XBOX, PS4

  •    C++

The intended usage of The Forge is to enable developers to quickly build their own game engines. The Forge can provide the rendering layer for custom next-gen game engines. Added a unified input system based on Gainput to all platforms (https://github.com/jkuhlmann/gainput). The new input system substantially simplified input management on the application level over all platforms. We also simplified the camera controller. Added also new VirtualJoystick class in UI.

uwp-experiences - Universal Windows Platform (UWP) samples and showcases

  •    CSharp

The UWP App Experiences are beautiful, cross device, feature rich and functional app samples built to demonstrate realistic app scenarios on the UWP platform across desktop, Xbox, mobile, and more. Besides being open source on GitHub, each sample is published to the Windows Store for easier access for developers and each is accompanied with at least one blog post and short overview video.While these samples were initially created for the App Dev on Xbox live event and blog series, they have been built and designed for multiple UWP devices and scenarios in mind from the start. In fact, all samples have been developed to work on Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox One. Any developer can take advantage of these samples regardless of the device type or features they are targeting, and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience.

Xbox Live To Twitter

  •    DotNet

This project will use an existing web service (provided by Duncan Mackenzie) to poll an Xbox Live users status and update their status to anywhere. The initial

Finger Tracking with Kinect SDK for XBOX


This project explained step by step how to perform finger and hand tracking with the Kinect for XBOX with the official Kinect SDK.


  •    CSharp

A concurrency library optimised for the Xbox360 (Compact Framework), designed to ease the development of applications with scale across n processor cores.

XNA PerformanceTimers


CPU Timers for Windows and Xbox360. Can track multiple threads, and presents output as a log on-screen.

xpad - Linux Kernel Driver for the Xbox/ Xbox 360/ Xbox One Controllers

  •    C

Interact with the device and observe that data packets recieved from device are printed to kernel log. Ctrl+C to close interactive console sessions when finished.

cylon-joystick - Cylon adaptor and driver for HID joysticks/controllers

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).This repository contains the adaptor/driver for communicating with joysticks and game controllers. It can be used with any [SDL][http://www.libsdl.org/]-compatible controller.

puremvc-csharp-standard-framework - PureMVC Standard Framework for C#

  •    CSharp

PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern. This is the specific implementation for the C# language. It does not support modular programming since it uses Singletons as Core actors rather than the Multiton used in the MultiCore Version. All rights reserved.

puremvc-csharp-multicore-framework - PureMVC MultiCore Framework for C#

  •    CSharp

PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern. It supports modular programming through the use of Multiton Core actors instead of the Singletons used in the Standard Version. PureMVC - Copyright © 2017 Futurescale, Inc.

Python-Wrapper - Python wrapper for https://xboxapi.com

  •    Python

For now you will have to install manually, as I didn't upload the initial version to pypi (pip). The only dependency is requests library.

xvdtool - A command-line tool for manipulating Xbox One XVD files.

  •    CSharp

xvdtool is a C# command-line utility for manipulating Xbox One XVD/XVC packages. It can print detailed info about package headers, resign, rehash, en/decrypt and verify data integrity of a package, it can also convert (some, but not all) decrypted XVD files to VHD. So far it's only been tested with dev-crypted packages (which use a different 256-bit Offline Distribution Key (ODK) to retail packages), as the retail key is still unknown. This currently makes the tool useless for 90% of people, but developers looking into how XVD files work will find a detailed mapping of the XVD structures and complete methods for manipulating them.

tenna - Stream videos from your computer to your iPad, iPhone, x360, Xbone, ps4, android devices and other laptops or pc's in your home network

  •    Javascript

A node js application that lets you easily stream most videos from any PC/laptop in your home network, to other devices in the network with a browser. Basically any device that supports the <video> element MP4 encoded.

xbox-dvr - Reads your xbox one gamer tag video rss feed and displays the videos and screenshots onto your website

  •    Javascript

See a live demo of it working here. Download or copy the javascript file. And kinda look at the example. Make a call and it will append the results to the div.


  •    CSharp

This is a cross platform wallet example using Nethereum, Xamarin.Forms and MvvmCross, targetting all main mobile platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Dektop (windows 10 uwp), IoT with the Raspberry PI and Xbox. Work in progress.

Play - The free and open source karaoke singing game UltraStar Play for Windows, Linux, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and other platforms

  •    CSharp

UltraStar Play is a free and open source karaoke singing game for Windows, Linux, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and other modern platforms. The game plays the audio file, displays singing lyrics, notes and optionally a background video or picture, while the singers sing the songs and thus try to hit the notes to get points depending on how close they get to the perfect pitches. The game uses the Unity 2D framework and mostly c# (mono/.Net) as software development language. The current folder structure is just a first draft, and you are encouraged to improve it, if you have extensive knowledge of / experience in open source unity games.

xbox-live - An NPM for pulling xbox live gamer data

  •    Javascript

An NPM for fetching xbox live player data. This supports requesting status directly from Microsoft's GamerCard endpoints(which will never fail as long as xbox-live is up) as well as supporting plugins to external services. In addition you can also fetch game data from Destiny, Overwatch, with more on the way.

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