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malware-jail - Sandbox for semi-automatic Javascript malware analysis, deobfuscation and payload extraction

  •    Javascript

malware-jail is written for Node's 'vm' sandbox. Currently implements WScript (Windows Scripting Host) context env/wscript.js, at least the part frequently used by malware. Internet browser context is partialy implemented env/browser.js. Runs on any operating system. Developed and tested on Linux, Node.js v6.6.0.


  •    Javascript

WScript Emulator is an emulator/tracer of the Windows Script Host functionality. It provides a full Javascript equivalent of WScript, so most valid scripts running against it will work as if they were running in the regular WScript environment. Most components have been ported, though some are lacking because of scope (f.e. Microsoft.XMLDOM, ApplicationObject). But nearly all common functionality is present in the object. For a full list of supported functionality, see the supported objects section. Because WScript Emulator is pure Javascript, it will run in any recent browser on any platform. And because we actually run the original script against the emulator, javascript-obfuscation of the original file is irrelevant. The emulator does not modify the provided script in any way, it runs as-is.

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