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CloudNinja - Windows Azure Multi-tenant Sample


The Cloud Ninja Project is a Windows Azure multi-tenant sample application demonstrating metering and automated scaling concepts, as well as some common multi-tenant features such as automated provisioning and federated identity.

Umbraco Creative Website Starter (CWS)


This is the project for the Creative Website Starter Package for Umbraco CMS, a .NET opensource CMS. The Creative Website Starter Package is created by Umbraco MVP Warren Buckley and is undergoing some changes for the V4 release of Umbraco.

Razor Generator


A VS single file generator for the ASP.NET Razor View Engine

Automating SQL Azure Backup using Worker role


This tool is used for backup functionality on SQL Azure database and tables in a periodical timeline. The code can deployed as a Worker role with Azure or on-premise environment and the backup file can store in blob storage or a file system.



FluentPath implements a modern wrapper around System.IO, using modern patterns such as fluent APIs and Lambdas. By using FluentPath instead of System.IO, you'll be able to chain calls and act on sets of files as if they were individual files.

ASP.NET MVC SiteMap provider

  •    ASPNET

An ASP.NET MVC SiteMapProvider implementation for the ASP.NET MVC framework.

ASP.NET MVC Action Filters


Creating a common library with ASP.NET MVC Action Filters.



A nuget package that will help you with architecture and generate code from T4 templates. Requirements: - Visual Studio 2010 (not express) - Nuget 1.5 <p>test</p> 1. Create a new MVC3 (C#) Project 2. Install-Package codeplanner 3. Create your domainmodel (see document...

MVC3 Asp.net memberships and Azure ACS Mixed Authentication Sample


This is a sample project demonstrating a method for adding single singon services to your existing Asp.net membership website using Azure ACS.



Library of useful routing helpers and classes.

Scaffold it !


"Scaffold it !" is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that enable you to scaffold elements from your entities. It's a time saver tool that leverage T4 templates and Visual Studio extensibility.

Upload manager

  •    CSharp

c#, WinForm. upload large files to server, can continue uploading at the interruption point , multiple thread. also have a simple downloading function. support drag & drop with Windows Explore.

dotNetInstaller: setup bootstrapper for Windows (MOVED TO GITHUB)


Setup bootstrapper for Windows. You can use dotNetInstaller to create a setup bootstrapper to install the correct prerequisites software components for your application setup.

Bindable LINQ

  •    LINQ

Bindable LINQ is a set of extensions to LINQ that add data binding and change propagation capabilities to standard LINQ queries.

Chemistry Add-in for Word


The Chemistry Add-in for Word makes it easier for students, chemists, and researchers to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas and 2-D depictions, from within Microsoft Office Word.


  •    WPF

A photoviewer application build in WPF using the composite WPF framework. This application is used to test and demonstrate several composite WPF features and WPF features.


  •    WPF

Graph# is a graph layout framework. It contains some layout algorithms and a GraphLayout control for WPF applications.



Bootstrapper uses a convention over configuration approach to initialize your IOC container, create automapper maps and run any other startup tasks that your application might need.

System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Contrib


This is a contrib project for extensions to the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace included in .net 3.5 and extended in 4.0. The project consists of a library of attributes which add business domain validation to the base validators. Founded by Mark Johnson.