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football-cli - ⚽ Command line interface for Hackers who love football

  •    Javascript

Please register on football-data.org to get your API Key. Then run $ football config to add your API Key (use sudo if required). Requests made using API key increases your rate limit from 50 requests per day to 50 requests per minute.

Geo-Maps - High Quality GeoJSON maps programmatically generated

  •    Javascript

The purpose of this project is to programmatically extract maps from open databases like OpenStreetMap providing you with a ready to use GeoJSON map that fits your needs.

geodetic-to-ecef - convert geodetic (lat,lon) coordinates to ecef (x,y,z)

  •    Javascript

Return an array xyz of [x,y,z] coordinates in meters from lat and lon.Optionally supply an elevation in meters.

all-the-cities - All the 138,398 cities of the world with a population of at least 1000 inhabitants, in a big JSON array

  •    Javascript

All the 138,398 cities of the world with a population of at least 1000 inhabitants, in a big JSON array. Derived from the cities1000 npm package, which in turn came from geonames.org data.

worldpop - Get the population of regions that you draw!

  •    Javascript

Compute the population within a given polygon using the high resolution WorldPop population dataset. Go to http://devseed.com/worldpop and draw some polygons. The WorldPop Data Explorer is a web tool (and underlying Node module) designed to enable useful compuation and analysis using the WorldPop dataset. It makes heavy use of, among other things, Mapbox Vector Tiles, and Turf to enable efficient storage, access to, and computation over the otherwise prohibitively large WorldPop dataset.

date-holidays - worldwide holidays

  •    Javascript

This module provides dates of holidays for various countries, states and regions by type while considering the applicable timezone. If you are missing holidays from your country, state, region please consider contributing.

iran - Administrative divisions of Iran in json and xml formats - تقسیمات کشوری ایران با فرمت جی‌سان و ایکس ام ال

  •    Javascript

On the first level of country subdivisions of Iran are the provinces. Each province is further subdivided into counties called shahrestan (Persian: شهرستان shahrestān‎), and each shahrestan is subdivided into districts called bakhsh (Persian: بخش bakhsh‎). There are usually a few cities (Persian: شهر shahr‎) in each county. Require.js require([“iran”], ...

wikigame-js - The "six degrees of Wikipedia" wikigame played at re:publica

  •    Javascript

This is the software used for the Six degrees of Wikipedia Game at re:publica. It's neither well written nor documented, but so many people asked me to release it that i could not refuse. It was written in just a couple of hours.

wow-cli - World Of Warcraft addon manager

  •    Javascript

This is a World of Warcraft addon downloader, installer, uninstaller, and manager. I don't play WoW anymore, but this thing still works fine.

react-world-flags - SVG flags of the world for react

  •    Javascript

Where code is the two letter, three letter or three digit country code. The bundle contains all flags of the world and is about 1.3 MB gzipped.

alexia-starter-kit - Starter Kit project with sample Amazon Echo skill created using Alexia Framework

  •    Javascript

This starter kit is designed to get you up and running with Amazon Echo Skill developement in just couple of minutes. This project contains example application skeleton with unit tests, eslint config, http server startup and Lambda handler. This project is based on Alexia Framework - check out its repo for full feature list and deploy intructions.

laravel-world - provide countries, states, and cities relations and database.

  •    PHP

This package focused on World Countries, Regions, and Cities database with locale support for Laravel. There are 5 main objects in this package.

termtrack - Track satellites in your terminal

  •    Python

Requires Python 3.3+ and a terminal with 256 colors. A black background is highly recommended. Credit goes to vain/asciiworld for inspiration and some tasty pieces of code.


  •    Javascript

At the end of the day it's the fans who make you who you are.

world-countries - Provide world country list with country code, city, states and flag

  •    PHP

This package contains world country list along with states, cities, country code and country flags.

markovjs-gridworld - gridworld implementation example for markovjs package

  •    Javascript

This is a game implementation example for the package markovjs. The game is Grid World, a popular toy problem for artificial intelligence search algorithms. Many people would say this game is just a simple graph maze. They would be wrong.

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