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AcademicContent - Free tech resources for faculty, students, researchers, life-long learners, and academic community builders for use in tech based courses, workshops, and hackathons

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The content and the code in this repo are intended for computer science instruction as a collaboration with Microsoft developer advocates and Faculty / Students under the MIT license. Please check back regularly for updated versions. This repo provides technical resources to help students and faculty learn about Azure and teach others. The content covers cross-platform scenarios in AI and machine learning, data science, web development, mobile app dev, internet of things, and DevOps. It also includes interesting tech talks and engaging, fun tech challenges that Microsoft leads at student hackathons and Imagine Cup.

istio-service-mesh-workshop - Using Istio Workshop


A workshop on advanced aspects of service mesh through the lens of Istio. Questions? Join the service mesh community. This workshop and other service mesh resources have been created by the Layer5 service mesh community.

northwind-graphql-ruby - Northwind graphql-ruby

  •    Ruby

GraphQL queries begin from root types: query, mutation, and subscription (experimental).

gocodelabru - Coding simple database for geospatial data using Go programming language workshop in Russian language

  •    Go

Привет, гофер. Ну если ты не гофер и хочешь им стать, тоже привет. Я предлагаю в этой кодлабе совместить две вещи. Изучить как язык Go и может быть освоить для себя пару новых вешей.Этот воркшоп разделен на несколько частей.

workshops - workshops, study guides and learning materials for the Uno Platform

  •    CSharp

The Uno Platform allows C# and XAML built applications to run on Web (WebAssembly), Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. Use the tooling from Windows in Visual Studio, such as Hot Reload, XAML Edit and Continue and C# Edit and Continue. Build your application as much as possible on Windows, then validate that your application runs on all suppoted platforms.

labs - Samples and tutorials for WSO2 webinars and workshops

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This repository holds all the samples and tutorials that we will be using during WSO2 events like webinars and workshops. We will update this repo at least a week prior to any event with the relevant material so that you have the necessary information to prepare. Tutorials will be named according to the event date, topic, and tutorial number, i.e. https://github.com/wso2/labs/<date>/<topic>/<tutorial-number>. Each tutorial will have its own README file with information on how to set up. We will use these tutorials during our events to help you deep-dive into WSO2 product features and technical scenarios.

get-involved - Get Involved with Docker

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This site uses Google docsy as a platform. Docsy is a Hugo theme for technical documentation sets, providing simple navigation, site structure, and more. Community and participation are the backbone of Docker. Whether you’re technical or not, we welcome contributions from anyone around the world. Please follow the contributor guidelines and we look forward to your contributions.

blackboard-dl - 📚💻 Downloads lectures and workshops automagically.

  •    Crystal

A small tool to download lectures and workshops automagically because i'm too lazy to sign in to BlackBoard. And now watch it download your lectures & workshops in the terminal or in the background.

containers-101-workshop - Docker Linux Containers 101 Workshop

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An workshop that introduces Linux containers through concepts in slides and hands-on labs. Find out more on the Layer5 community.

microservices-datadriven - Sample code of application examples to build microservices with converged Oracle database and multi-cloud / hybrid cloud services

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Microservices are loosely-coupled service-oriented architectures with a bounded context. Microservices are increasingly used for application modernization to deliver agile application development practices. However, the data-driven nature of enterprise applications has made building, deploying, and maintaining microservices complex. Copyright (c) 2021 Oracle and/or its affiliates.

dss-workshops-archived - IQSS Data Science Services workshop materials

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The workshop notes in this repository are maintained in several different formats, with the help of https://github.com/mwouts/jupytext. If you with to contribute you can edit whichever format you are most comfortable with; we will take care of synchronizing the other supported formats. R workshop notes are maintained in Jupyternotebook (.ipynb), R Markdown (.Rmd), and R format. When submitting pull requests You may edit whichever format you like, and we will synchronize the other formats for you using Jupytext.

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