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Work Item Creator

  •    DotNet

Standalone application that enable you to create Work Items and organize them in a hierarchical way. This software also includes: - WINetwork, an Alert that is aware of Work Item changes, and update related ones using custom schemas. - Merge Branches driven by Work Items.



TfsRollUp is a C# Tfs plugin that makes it easier for Scrum Teams, et al. to see aggregated/rollup values for Remaining Work, Story Points and other units of time/effort. You'll no longer have to do the rollup manually, as TfsRollUp will calculate the rollup values when a rele...

TFS PowerPack


The TFS PowerPack is a set of tools for clients using the TFS server. The tools were made to satisfy needs and add more features not provided by the original installation of TFS.

TFS/SharePoint WorkItem Connector


This connector provides a bridge between TFS WorkItems to SharePoint External Lists using BCS ECTs mapped to TFS WorkItem types, implemented all CRUD operations

a Linq to Workitem provider

  •    LINQ

Wilinq is a linq to workitem provider. It also contains WIQL to expression tree parser. Wilinq is based on the the fissum project source code



A Cropper plugin for creating Team Foundation Server work items with the captured cropper image.