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vite-plugin-pwa - Zero-config PWA for Vite

  •    TypeScript

Read the 📖 documentation for a complete guide on how to configure and use this plugin. Check out the type declaration src/types.ts and the following links for more details.

next-offline - make your Next.js application work offline using service workers via Google's workbox

  •    Javascript

Use Workbox with Next.js and easily enable offline functionality in your application. Then create a server.js, because we'll need to serve out service worker.


  •    CSS

Add some todos, click buttons to delete or toggle state, tap or click text in todo to edit. TODO: a bug in parcel rewrites the manifest.json to a js file so the pwa requirements fails. Also the meta tags and icons are rewritten https://github.com/parcel-bundler/parcel/issues/220 To build a proper PWA you now have to manually copy the tags in the head from src/index.html, and also copy the icons with their proper names.

so-pwa - A progressive web app to read Stack Overflow content.

  •    Javascript

This is a sample progressive web app which uses the Stack Exchange API to fetch the top questions and answers from Stack Overflow for a given tag. Please read the guide to contributing prior to filing any pull requests.

workbox-in-js-framework - 🍳 Code sample for using Workbox in various JS framework

  •    Javascript

Workbox is a collection of JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps. Workbox help you deliver PWA in easy way, and it's applicable for any JS framework. See documentation here. This repo will demonstrate you how to using workbox in various real world example with popular JS framework, also will add with more sample with different test case. All different case will seperate in different branch. We also try to explain step by step clearly, so you can learn easier.

parcel-plugin-sw-cache - 📦 Parcel plugin for caching using a service worker

  •    Javascript

A Parcel plugin to run workbox-build after every build. No configuration options are mandatory, the default configuration wil work just fine. (Creating a service worker to precache all files in the output directory without runtime caching). For the default parameters passed to workbox-build see here (i.e. precaching all html, js, css, jpg and png files).

nextjs-koa-styledcomponents - :iphone: This is a template for creating next

  •    Javascript

This project uses next-offline for the service worker stuff to cache assets. Styled-components are setup out of the box, otherwise just delete the .babelrc and anything you see related to it.

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