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write-good - Naive linter for English prose

Naive linter for English prose for developers who can't write good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too.Important: Do not use this tool to be a jerk to other people about their writing.

superb - Get superb like words

Currently ~100 words. I'm not accepting more words.The word list itself is just a JSON file and can be used wherever.


jQuery collapser is a small and useful jQuery plugin for collapsing/truncating an element text by words, characters and lines with a flexible API. It is an all in one plugin with multiple functionalities to truncate a paragraph or any element as desired.

node-xkcd-password - An XKCD-style password and random word generator module and CLI.

Creates an XKCD-style password based on your parameters. Includes a CLI (xkcd-password) for your convenience, and a default wordlist. Supports both a callback-based API and Promises/A+.Warning: I am not a cryptographer, or any sort of password expert. An audit would be greatly appreciated.

twitter-mute-words - Inspiration for words to mute on Twitter

Twitter supports muting tweets with specific words from your timeline.Note that Twitter limits it to 100 entries, so pick the ones most important to you.

word-list - List of English words

Useful if you're creating a word game or just want some words to work with.Used by word-stream and random-word.

word-stream - Returns a stream of English words

Useful if you're creating a word game or just want some words to work with.

random-word - Get a random English word

The underlying list of words is a 2.7 MB text file with 274,925 English words.

opentype-layout - word wraps and lays out Opentype.js glyphs

Experimental word-wrapping and layout for Opentype.js.Best used with npm and browserify. This should also work in Node.js and other environments.