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theme - Tonik is a WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize, organize and enhance some aspects of WordPress theme development

  •    PHP

The develop branch tracks starter development and it's not a stable code. If you want a stable version, use the master branch or one of the latest releases. Great that you are considering supporting the project. You have a lot of ways to help us grow. We appreciate all contributions, even the smallest.

understrap - :couple: Combines Automattic´s Underscores Starter Theme and Bootstrap 4 - Visit:

  •    CSS

I’m a huge fan of Underscores, Bootstrap, and Sass. Why not combine these into a solid WordPress Theme Framework? That’s what UnderStrap is. You can use it as a starter theme and build your own theme on top of it. Or you can use it as a parent theme and create your own child theme for UnderStrap. The _s theme is a good starting point to develop a WordPress theme. But it is “just” a raw starter theme. That means it outputs all the WordPress stuff correctly but without any layout or design. Why not add a well known and supported layout framework to have a solid, clean and responsive foundation? That’s where Bootstrap comes in.

sage - WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow

  •    PHP

Sage is a WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow. See a working example at roots-example-project.com.

vue-wordpress-pwa - An offline-first SPA using Vue

  •    Javascript

This is the code for the FullStackWeekly website. You can use it as a starter pack for your WordPress site as well. Since WordPress can expose a REST API, this project uses Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, Vue-resource & Progressive Web App techniques to create an offline-first web client.

understrap-child - Basic Child Theme for UnderStrap Theme Framework

  •    CSS

Understrap Child Theme shares with the parent theme all PHP files and adds its own functions.php on top of the UnderStrap parent theme's functions.php. IT DOES NOT LOAD THE PARENT THEMES CSS FILE(S)! Instead it uses the UnderStrap Parent Theme as a dependency via npm and compiles its own CSS file from it.

uuups - Bring your theme to the next level experiment.

  •    CSS

Uuups is an experiment how to bring your theme to the next level. All the ideas are still open and there are no documentation.

GobbleBlank - A blank WordPress theme that uses the Bourbon and Neat libraries.

  •    CSS

Responsive WordPress starter/skeleton theme featuring Bourbon and Neat libraries. Feel free to send requests, tickets, etc on GitHub.

croft - A WordPress starter theme built with Foundation for Sites (version 6) and Hybrid Core.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Croft, the Foundation WordPress starter theme. Croft is built with search-engine optimization (SEO) in mind by utilizing the most current HTML5 conventions and Schema.org microdata. Croft combines ZURB's Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, and Hybrid Core, the developer friendly theme framework created by one of the best WordPress developers around, Justin Tadlock.

Gramophone - WordPress, Bootstrap 4 & <3

  •    PHP

Nope! It's yet another starter theme to speed up theme development in Bootstrap 4. Unlike other starter themes, Gramophone is top-down and exhaustive. Refer to this wiki or please open an issue.

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